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Gallbladder remove or not to remove u guys decide

Good evening I have fibrosis of the liver I don't know the exact stage but have a question I do have a little pain in the liver from time to time my hepatologist said I have a little 5mm gallstone Wich shouldn't be the root cause of the pain also the pathways seem clear. went to the hospital and they said I should get my gallbladder out because it will likely cause trouble down the line. But I know hospitals are always fast to operate because that gets them the most money. now im really scared and dont know what to do because i know its a risky operation when u have a liver disease. I mean I have a burning and pain in the liver area sometimes but no digestion problems or anything that went away when I lost weight. Give me some advice guys thx operation would be next month

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I had my gall bladder out years ago, but it was making me quite ill. I was often in pain and even a meal with oily fish would set it off. My improvement was quite dramatic, however everyone is different, if you have no major symptom maybe hang fire. I will say when mine went acute I'd have done anything to get rid of the pain.


Hi Febeli,

Forget the conspiracy theories. If surgery isn't needed they wont do it, nor would they recommend it.


I recently had a Liver Transplant (3Mos. ago). At which time they removed my gall bladder with my liver and gave me a healthy liver. I would really check into seeing a Liver specialist doctor. Hepatologist MD can give you good advise. If anything is wrong with liver you need full exam prior to having Gall Bladder removed. The gallbladder is located under your liver and care needs to be given to liver if it is damaged. Liver disease can also cause the pain you mentioned. The organ (liver) does not generate pain; however, nerves surrounding the area can cause pain. Have you seen a doctor for fibrosis? Ask for a liver profile with all the blood tests performed. A ultra-sound can usually see the gall bladder as well as the liver and then you will have some answers. Always get more than one opinion when comes to surgery. I hope this helps in some way. I send you many best wishes and hope you get some answers.


I Love this. Site only u guys Know The struggle wish u well too and congratulations on a new chance at live i hope I'll have a chance also someday to at least to see my 4 baby girls grow up my liver enzymes are up 218 and my got is a little elevated all other are in range can u tell me if I could have portal hypertension I'm really paranoid about that as they say you only might have a 50 percent 2 year survival chance

And I'm not shure I'm might be going crazy but I think under my tummy there is a little bit of fluid build up or it might be that I have seen too many photos of ascites on Google crapped my pants I'm sorry do u have a story how u first realised ascites many thanx u guys keep me from Gavin a heart attack I feel so alone


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