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has anyone had a liver and pancreas biopsy. the hospital doesn't seem to be able to sedate me enough to do anymore endoscopes or colonoscopies so now im going to be referred for a liver specialist to do a liver and pancreas biopsy, instead of the gastroentologist trying anymore endoscopes.i am also going to be sent for a muscle biopsy. if anyone has gone for any of these I am trying to find out how it works and how painful this is going to be for me. my entire body and my conscience have been traumatized by all the evasive testing over 20 years so now I have to prep my mind for what I am in for to prepare myself for. any info on personal experience is great thanks

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I had a liver biopsy last year without any sedation. It wasn’t too bad. The hardest bit was waiting the six hours afterward in a hospital bed as required.

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I agree. I had s liver biopsy in 2016, hardly felt a thing. Lying down for ages was the worst bit!!, Please let us know how you get on. Take care xx


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