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Is my Liver giving up on me


Hi folks

How are you all?. Im 35 yrs old and am worried about itching. Ive been a heavy drinker for years, but over the last few weeks have been suffering from severe itching everywhere. I have also had diarrhoea over the past few days, although today i have been ok. I havent had a drink for 4 days now but the itching persists. Is this Liver disease, or could it be something else?. I dont have any pain as such, just scared that my liver is giving up on me.



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hi mate.cant say much not a doc.but itching and the feeling of things crawling me was a sign of the disease.i have alocoholic liver disease and still feel it now.hope your ok and it helps a bit

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My Dr gave fexofenadine 180mg which works for me. See if you can get Dr to prescribe it for you. Take care

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Morning Lynne MA. I use questran which seems to work when it wants, lol. I've not heard of nor been offered fexofenadine so I'll ask about it at next consultant ' s appointment. Thanks.

Hello Ravage, the first thing you need to do is go and see your GP. You will need to be honest about the level of alcohol consumption and explain you have concerns about your liver. He/she should then run some basic blood tests LFT's (Liver Function Tests) to see if they indicate any issue, if they are out of range then you want a follow up scan to look at the liver and other organs. Itching in liver disease is generally linked to a rise in bilirubin in the blood stream - the same substance that gives the yellow skin colouration in jaundice.

Nothing can be done until some tests on your liver have been carried out. Itching is a late stage symptom so if you are otherwise symptom free it is unlikely that your itching is due to the liver. HOWEVER, you should get checked out, it is no good panicking about something when that might not be the issue also if you do have an issue you want to be under medical care a.s.a.p.

If you have been a heavy drinker for years you might need medical help to stop drinking too, sometimes its not safe to go 'cold turkey' as it can bring on other symptoms associated with with drawal.

Even if this doesn't turn out to be a liver issue it would definitely be worth giving thought to your liver health going forward and perhaps address your alcohol intake.

Go to doctors and have them run the tests.


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I have a blood test on the 20th. As i suffer from Hypothyroidism, and diabetes i have regular blood tests. My Liver has been elevated over a few years. I really need to cut down alcohol. Does anyone know if cutting out alcohol can make you itch at first?

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Is the itch a subcutaneous (under the skin type) or is it your skin itself. Just had a quick read up and dry itchy skin is a listed symptom of hypothyroidism. You're more than likely only going to get liver itch with raised bilirubin levels.

Hello! The best thing u can do is stop or cut drinking down. I'm not a professional so I don't know if your liver is causing itching. I was a heavy drinker, very bad and binge drinking on up to 7 bottles of whisky in a few days. I got crazy itching, my neck used to swell up, crazy dreams, insomnia. It went away when I stopped hurting myself with booze.

I drank for years and it's a shitty existence. I wish u well

Diabetis.tyroid or liver or urtacaria an allergic reaction to all sorts of stuff being a out hives.could even be the acid from alcohol.get tested take care as I've got all of them and it's chronic but I don't drink and azaithioprine caused me multi organ failure due to azaithioprine toxicity. It's so worrying and they won't now do another fibroscan as they say I'm in stage 4 final stage and no point .it's angered me as liver transplant clinic are just leaving me to die .They said no transplant as I have more than one illness .now they won't do fibroscan again and last one 2 yrs ago 20.9 kpa but they want to do a normal ultrasound which I had b4 as at another hospital and they said I had nothing to worry of within the I said I'm at the transplant clinic in Liverpool as I've 4th stage chirrhosis so how can you say that?? I've just been transplant clinic yesterday and he wants to do ultrasound now but said as far as I'm concerned you have 4th stage chirrhosis and I'm keeping with that my ggt is 551 .please make sure you get checked out as i feel they have just messed with my head .i spent nearly year in hospital dying to be saved to be told its their fault but im STILLdying and can't have a transplant as I've now more than 1 illness and government nhs, won't fund it . But we will monitor you.Disgusting i 53 scared as helland so depressed I can't explain .please find out what it is you have as it's better to know than leave it .good luck

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Hi Mandy, sorry to hear you are so poorly. Can I just clarify what hospital you are under as there is no liver transplant unit in Liverpool. NW patients are normally referred to either QE Birmingham or St. James's, Leeds. If you haven't been seen at either of those hospitals then you need to be referred there and let the actual liver transplant teams assess your suitability for t/p.


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I'm at liver transplant clinic in the royal in Liverpool.obviously the transplant anyone has would be done in Birmingham London or the likes of .i go regularly every few months

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I noticed you say I can move to another area where they take place but how do I so this as I don't know how.when I crashed Birmingham was going to take me but coz I bled alot needing many transfusions I would of died b4 I got there so I was left in the hospital on Wirral. Sent to royal Liverpool when came out at transplant clinic.iow do I get to see someone in Birmingham or Leeds now please do you know ?? Thanks for replying to .please take care aswell of you xx

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They hold clinics at the royal for called transplant clinic an liver clinic too as they monitor your condition there but I'd rather see a Birmingham one who I would of originally been sent there had I not of needed transfusions or had multi organ failure n jaundice .hope I explained better now ayrshirek lol xx im not great at explaining

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How are you ??did you get my reply

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Hi Mandy, yes I see your reply. Are the doctors you see in Liverpool actually from the t/p team in Birmingham? I note you say it's like an outreach from Birmingham but the transplant themselves happen in Brum. All you can do is ask for referral to actually be seen in Birmingham.

Not 100% sure how its working with you in Liverpool. If they are doctors from Birmingham that you already actually see I guess it's saving you the journey to Brum but if they arn't actually from the transplant team it would be a reasonable request to go through to Birmingham to see them.


Thank you too

That's so sad. Was it medication from nhs that made your liver bad☹

Mandy1983 in reply to Cara78

Yes they gave me azaithioprine and I had multiorganfailure due to azaithioprine toxicity. Worst times of my life destroyed .I'm terminal an angry too that it could of been avoided

You have every right. I wish you well and hope you get the strength to do something about this, I sometimes resent the fact that NHS have so much power but maybe you could go to your local mp for advice then take it to court.

i had to call 111 for this yesterday and they called an ambulance, it was an allergic reaction to something. When our livers are comprimised our immune response is higher especially if tested positive for antibodies. i didn't have an infection, yet my blood sugar was high and absolutely everywhere was itching. Also pain round waist? Do you have pain too? I was given painkillers and an antihistamine piriton. earlier i had had two or three cetirizine which didnt make a difference. Piriton definitely works better and also makes me sleepy and therefore calmer. in a few hours i was sent home. If you havent already tried it and you are able to take it i suggest piriton it's marvellous, feeling so much better only mildly itching today and rubbing aqueous cream all over to keep cool.

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Did you find out what you were allergic to? I guess not unless you can remember anything different you’ve had?

Hope you get rid of the itchiness soon. 👍


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