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ALT of 91 & Swelling/Protruding of spleen & liver

Wondering if anyone has had any experience with my recent problem. I have swelling or protrusion in both my right & left upper abdomen. After a unsuccessful sonogram, CT scan & regular ole' xray, nothing but posterior fluid of my spleen. When I look down at my abdomen, I can see the swelling. Now my doctor called to alert me of my blood work on my liver profile. Said that my ALT was a 91. I have had terrible dehabilitating pain in my upper abdomen about 5 times in the last ten days. I began sweating profusely and the pain would not subside for 30-45 minutes. Should have gone to the ER, but I hate hospitals. MRI is scheduled for Monday. Please can anyone relate?? Advice??

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I hope you get the help you need and if I were you I'd be at a&e.

Take care


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