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Any thoughts appreciated, MRI Scan PSC

I popped into the GP today for a smear test and asked the nurse if they had the results of MRI I had done at end of November. They don't like to send me my results from the hospital. The MRI was done to investigate the shrinking left lobe of my liver, I have been diagnosed with cirrhosis on account of alcohol abuse.

The letter says "MRI has shown that the left lobe of the liver is smaller compared to the right. It has also shown an ill defined subcapsular area in the right lobe of the liver within segment VIII and IVa. This showed some peripheral enhancement in the arterial phase and becomes homogenous on venous and delayed sequences. It is the impression of the reporting radiologist that his may be an area of underlying cholangiopathy (PSC)

I have referred her to my heaptologist colleague Dr etc"

It sounds a little confusing, I have an appointment with the heaptologist on 7 February, Any ideas what this means in plain english and what sort of questions I should ask.

I am doing all I can to lead a healthy lifestyle, abstinent for nearly 8 months, I just ache a lot and get very tired. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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I must admit thats a new one on me. Usually for PSC the typical MRI appearance is beading of the bile ducts. This means that there are very narrow parts adjacent to enlarged parts of the biliary tree within or outside of the liver. I'm not saying its not PSC, but its not a typical sign.

Its certainly worth exploring with the specialist when you see them. I have found with PSC there can be many untypical things.


Hi good luck on 7th.

I would suggest you tell the specialist what you have told us and ask them to explain it. They might even be able to draw it or show you the scan to help explain.

please do not feel stupid because you say you don't know what they mean or where they are talking about. Me and human anatomy are like a Doberman and a pet rabbit they don't go well together. I'm useless at it. No question is stupid if it helps you understand. At the end of the day if you understand you might be able to help yourself, and that is what they want you to do. Might not hurt to ask about exercise, diet and supplements though. Not necessarily what supplements to take, it could be what to avoid.

Take care

G x


Thanks I will take on yr advice and let you know how it goes.


Thanks. I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you.



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