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Liver function test result


I've been to drs today and have been told I've got IBS. Also I asked why I had been calked back for a repeat blood test and tribe sample. Dr said because of my liver and the result was 136. I don't know what this means. Is it the overall number or the ALT which had been slightly high in the past or the ASP or something? I don't think it is bikirubin because on previous tests that has not been high. I don't drink alcohol, well very rarely. I have been feeling very weak and fatigued but have an underactive thyroid. The survey won't give me my results and I can't afford to pay for them. Hence I'm writing this post as someone might know if 136 is borderline or quite high. Also, how an I likely to be treated for it? Thanks in advance for any comments.

Best healthy wishes

Lauren. X

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It is difficult to say much regarding the 136 number. It ia a pain when you are given so little info. I know it can be a pain too but can you ring them and ask for this result over the phone?

Would one page print out with this 136 on cost a lot? I don't think it should cost more than the ink and paper?... Could they email you the result?

My surgery are very secretive too and I had to sign a paper to have the right to see my results. In my previous GP you could just get a printout for free!

As much as I can't say for certain I do have a feeling it is the ALT and not the ASP or ALP as ALT is more of a concern and specific to the liver also an indicator of how healthy and well you liver is doing.

It is utterly common to look at ALT vaues. They can go down with good health habits and a good diet makes a huge difference. Low fat, greens, wholegrains, protein. Goats products to lower the cholesterol (even if it doesn't seem elevated).

Good luck.


Thank you. Yes they have previously given me a printout of the values but seemed to have changed their protocol.

I've rang and been in and spoke to the Dr. They are just asking for a repeat. They said try not to worry in the meantime. Very difficult bit to when they tell you the results are abnormal.

I appreciate the advice in healthy eating. I did notice some eight kids on the lchf diet. However I find it very difficult to go without carbs as tend to get lie in energy. I've heard a gluten free diet can help.

Do you find eating healthier alters your left results? I've noticed they can change with medication too. I'm wondering whether it's gone higher because I was on strong painkillers for a few months. In trying not to look to deeply into it as I start to have panic attacks. Maybe that is why they try to keep my results from me. Anyway at the end of the day the gp will discuss of I need any treatment or not, so I will just meditate in the meantime and keep busy with other pastimes.

Thanks again for your reply it had helped, as I'm now in the belief that eating healthier actually could go a long way towards helping and feel more motivated to try again.

Best healthy wishes


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I had ALT levels beyond 500 before and brought them down to below 100 within few weeks. My main concern was to reduce my bile acids. I didn't know diet will have such an effect. I just avoided certain thing as they made me feel worse.

I had lots of freshly grated ginger in water and drank it. It helps the liver to function smoothly it seems.

I ate carbohydrates and everything else as long as it was low in fat or lean. I had oven chips spaghetti and white rice but half or 1/3 as much as in a normal portion. I don't quite get how a gluten free diet is healthy by default. I never looked to eliminate gluten. I also had about 6, 7 or 8 pieces of fruit daily. Fresh, dried or cooked (as in compot pears or apple mouse)

I took psyllium husks too for added fibre and for the toxins to be absorbed in my intestine and elimintated before re entering my system or stay in my intestines.

Another thing that seemed to help was eating fresh pomegranate and making tea from the peel (very bitter). If you can't drink it just eat the seeds. It is time consuming peeling them but worth it.

Hope this helps.


Yes this helps thank you, much appreciated. Much better finding things out from people like you who have tried and tested and know what they are talking about. I will try the Ginger and also definitely need more five anyway. I've been cutting carbs for ages but perhaps I don't need to so much and reducing fat would be better. I don't find it too difficult to stick to something if I know it's good for me. From the research I've done it seems diet and healthy lifestyle are the mainstay in treating liver problems. Makes sense. If it progresses o don't want to go on steroids. Also, I've read painkillers can affect liver enzymes. Did you say you have PBC? I hope you're feeling well and having more good days. I find fatigue levels go up and down. It's a blessing on the days of more energy. I catch up with housework then, to music and rejoice. Haha. Best wishes x

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