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So I went to see my gp after the holidays and she did mention that my helicobacter test came back positive and she asked a few times if I have ever been treated for it and I said no, so she gave me 2types if antibiotics and omeprazole to treat it. And from my ultrasound which says my “has a somewhat coarse echo texture throughout” no focal abnormalities seen and bloods shows that everything was fine but my total bilirubin was 33. She did mention that she feels it’s my gallstones that are setting things off as I don’t drink (a glass occasionally) and I don’t smoke. Gp said she was going to get me refereed to check if it’s my gallstones then we will move from there. The hepatitis test was done but she said she is expecting that to be negative as that would normally be checked every time I had my babies.

I am going back today as she suggested giving a stool sample to see if the helicobacter treatment cleared the virus and to find out about the hepatitis test. I have not had any alcohol since the 10th of December and tbh I am not missing it cos I only do occasionally.

My first post comment section was deactivated hence the reason I wrote this post.

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No I am not an Australian but an African living in the UK. Yes I have gallstones with childbirth like pains. I have not read anything about echo texture around liver on this forum either so I am hoping members who commented on my first post are able to shed light on my post. I know nothing about hepatitis and I only ever heard about it from my gp. I am to see her this afternoon to find out about that test but as she mentioned she is expecting it to come back negative. What I intend pushing for is to leave a stool sample to see if the helicobacter treatment worked for me. She did mention that she is most interested in finding out why my total bilirubin is sitting at 33 and everything else is fine.


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