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Hepatic echotexture and Cholelithiasis

Ultrasound (US) done this week revealed two items I know nothing about: “mildly coarsened hepatic echotexture, nonspecific appearance” and secondly: “cholelithiasis without secondary signs of acute cholecystitis.” US was done for bloating and unexplained weight gain. Cholesterol revealed triglycerides were 184. Seems inter-related.

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Cholecystitis is inflammation of the gall bladder - without acute cholecystitis means you probably don't have the serious inflammation of the gall bladder which needs immediate treatment ( nhs.uk/conditions/acute-cho... ). Gall bladder blockages, bile duct blockages can lead to fats not being broken down properly and this can lead to bloating and probably explains you triglyceride levels and also changes to bile ducts in the liver which can lead to changes in the echo texture ( a normal liver would be described as smooth whereas yours is a little course meaning its gone a bit lumpy and bumpy ) - cell structure has changed a bit. Hopefully you are going to get follow up appointment with a consultant very soon and all this can be explained more expertly. If you haven't been referred to a hospital consultant I would request that this is done.

All the best, Katie



The Cholesterol triglycerides result the same day as the US were my first hint that the coarse liver and gallbladder were all inter-related.

At 70, I also have non-Hodgkins stomach cancer, stage 1-A. Since discovered last July I’ve had PET/CT scans and 5 infusions of Rituxan, targeted chemo. Second EGD 4 January showed 5 of 6 MALT lymphomas killed, but one larger one, remains in deep tissue.

I couldn’t wait until 9 Feb to next see my Oncologist. Your reply was what I needed. Thank you.



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