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muscle weakness

does anyone else have muscle wasting in the entire body. I read a lot about people getting weak in legs but I also have muscle wasting in my arms and in my chest wall and back as well as in my esophagus and intestinal tract moves slowly. is this normal. I go for my eus in 2 weeks still so getting nervous to see the results of how back the autoimmune attacking my liver and bile ducts over past 20 years have made things in there. doctor thinks with the symptons im having im going to be put on a transplant list but im praying its not that bad yet and they can fix me up enough to carry on without such a life alternating surgery,anyway waiting is the hardest I think but staying positive and praying. guess il know soon

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You need to see a dietician in order to get put onto a proper eating plan and supplements if required PLUS you do need to try and exercise to keep your heart and lungs well too - remember your heart is a muscle so if you are loosing muscle elsewhere you can be loosing fitness there too. Malnutrition and muscle wastage can be contraindicatory to transplant as can poor heart and liver function. It will be a matter of priority to try and regain some weight and muscle mass.

You need protein to help with muscles and carbohydrate to fuel your body. If you don't fuel properly your body will metabolise muscle for fuel.



thanks its as I thought now if I can just get the drs to believe me how bad it is getting but theyd rather put you through more tests etc and make me wait till eus not one dr can believe that my liver is doing this all to me so bad in such short time. I don't drink and ive always ate well and taken my supplements but I guess the immune doesn't care lol I have pericarditis and plueritits over 2 years so I know about the muscle there believe me. I walk and exercise everyday so hopefully the dietician can help me

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Monicalynn, If you have copies of your lab work check to see what your protein levels are. If you do not have any tests on protein listed ask for it. If you are low on protein that can cause muscle wasting and a variety of additional problems and the longer you are short on protein the worse you could get. It may be something simple like that causing the entire problem. Even just a mild shortage of protein can have major effects; especially in women. Many of the "normal" ranges are defined by normal ranges for men and they really should update these and include ranges for women, too as they are often different requirements.

Just ask your dr. about your protein levels if you don't have any tests results. I'm not a dr. so I am just telling you about what happened with my Dad. I did research for him and now I am low on protein myself and do not want to have muscle wasting and am working hard to try to get more protein. I have no appetite, so I have had to add protein drinks to my day and I am hoping I get this back in normal ranges before any major problems.

Best wishes to you, I hope you can find a solution for yourself. There are lots of books and websites online about auto-immune diseases and liver problems, maybe some of them may prove helpful for you.


thanks for reply I have asked the drs to check protein levels but not one listens so tomorrow back to rheumatology to do some beggin im now using a walker cause my muscles hurt to walk and I get lightheaded like im on some real strong bad drug and throws my gait off.i went for an eus today and the drs couldn't sedate me right causing me to not to be able to get the procedure done very disappointed in drs today. finally getting a referral to a hepatologis though after begging for 2 years. I hope someone figures this out soon as im really getting bad and feeling lost.so much pain 24 7 and the tinnitus and lightning flashes in my eyes really starting to bother me. guess now the long wait on the referral list for the liver doctor while I get worse. god willing he will figure me out and finally I can get some help. im very sorry to hear about your father and about yourself. it is so sad that so many of us get these autoimmune issues that cause such distress. I pray for your family and thank you again for the words.


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