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New girl!

After being diagnosed with an enlarged liver and spleen and low platelets 5 years ago, I have just been told (following a Fribroscan) that I have a Matavir score of F4.

Apart from having been overweight for most of my life, I have no other predisposing factors.

This feels like a rather scary result. Can I do anything to maximise/improve my poor little liver's function?

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Are doctors trying to identify the cause of your liver damage - F4 is considered cirrhotic? If you know the cause you can perhaps take steps to reverse it or at least help your liver not to get worse.

There are many causes of liver disease and some are not obvious such as the auto-immune conditions, genetic conditions, viral causes etc.

It would be normal for doctors to do a biopsy of the liver to identify how it has become so damaged.

Now that you have an F4 score you need to be monitored - scans every 6 months and regular blood tests to check on the side effects from having such advanced liver disease.

Have a read at the British Liver Trust page on cirrhosis to educate yourself on the condition. You might also find the living with liver disease and diet and liver disease very useful too.

Pages are at:-




If you have specific questions ask away, we've got many members who have found themselves where you are now or like me are caring for loved ones with the condition.

My t-total hubby was diagnosed with cirrhosis in April 2012 after presenting with late stage symptoms, he never knew he had anything wrong up until that point and had never been unwell so it was a complete shock when we found out his own immune system must have been attacking his liver for years. He is stable and doing ok in the grand scheme of things.



Thanks Katie.

I have been told it’s due to NAFLD, but not been able to have a proper conversation with an expert yet. Feel I have been passed around different consultants, including lots of tests from the haematologists, who were working on a possible diagnosis of lymphoma. They seemed more interested in doing the tests than giving me advice about management.

Glad your husband’s condition is stable, 4 years down the line. That’s encouraging.

Looking forward to getting my appointment at The cirrhosis clinic where I can get my questions answered.

There seems so much conflicting advice, particularly about diet


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Dietary advice differs from condition to condition. Priorities change depending on staging of ill health and the underlying cause. I.e. the diet plan for a malnourised cirrhosis patient awaiting transplant will be totally different from yourself where NAFLD is thought to be the cause. You'll need to ask to see a dietician.


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