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Temporary AST rise?

I'm set to donate my stem cells to my mother. All tests come back normal except one. My AST is 49. My blood work comes back with no hep b, no antigens, no abnormal cells, albumin and bilirubin both normal, ALT fine, all other tests fine. I don't drink anymore. Was 5 years sober, drank throughout the months leading up to New Year's and have had nothing since. Test was 3 days after New Year's. Do you think that may have set off the AST temporarily?

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A single isolated test cant really be relied upon to have any meaning.

The British Liver Trust specifically requests in their guidelines, that nobody attempts to discuss test results as they don't have the full picture and the same result could be different depending on where it was tested.

However, you do say that everything seems pretty normal apart from this one result. The likelihood therefore is that you have nothing to worry about.

There are of course risk factors apart from alcohol which you can find on the British Liver Trust website.

Information on the website will help you make sure that you are able to take good care of your general health which in turn leads to a healthy liver. Regular exercise, a good healthy varied diet paying attention to the sugar and salt content and as you already know, a sensible approach to alcohol.

If you are still worried, see your GP and ask if there is anything in your results that are of concern. Only s/he will have access to your medical history and hopefully a good doctor / patient relationship.

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