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Help in in hell

I just write post I don't no where it's gone will my complex PTSD make my liver worse.

And had to have 2 bags blood after hip operation GP told cut my heart mess in half they still ain't .

I'm feeling so bad that I got knock back social services waited a yr it was a joke the report refer me to mental health they refer me to social services I'm fighting for some peace I have another 2 weeks can't get hold of hospital go can't get a face appointment I'm done with it all had enough daughter phoned crisis number they said call police on me I was sitting in chair in a trance fear of everything I been in this room constantly begging to no why I'm so ill and if you read all the diagnosis starts off hepatic stenosis mild hepemantoligy then ultra sound when I was sicking blood said it shows in keeping early cirrhosis, had another contrast ct A/e says I do not have it . Letter before the A/e my neuroligist started management of chronic liver desease .needed , ref hemptoligist upmost physiatrist assessment also ref to neurosurgery not him as the same hospital sent me to him 2times meningomia least of my problems he also put me on 2strong vitamins and said in letter micro nodular cirrhosis got me head round after two months what that ment ' I cannot explain who week as a person I am I cannot phone see anyone they would not let an animal suffer which is right so what am I nothing . Have lost everything now me overwhelming fear of not knowing what to do I have never craved for a drink for yr no craving think I've hit rock bottom I ain't going down that shit path of alchol but I need council ing as of me PTSD only been waiting 10yrs bit late it be worse if the preditor gets out! Has no release date impact statement was the knock on affect last yr after op that and much more so yearly I wait on outcomes this liver one I need some peace as waiting. tests never ending I can deal with the diagnosis if someone would make their mind up .now it's known I'm living on knifes edge with getting any letter through me door .

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Oh dear Faithfull, I'm so sorry you're having such terrible problems. I'm in India at the moment where the internet connection is a bit unreliable, but I just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you and hope there is someone out there who can help you. I'll log on to this website as often as I'm able, to check on your news. Try to stay strong - you've been very strong so far so you know you just can't give up. xx

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That made me so overwhelmed I'm crying that you even got on here I be ok and have a wonderful time.

When you left country I said to someone I thought you gone away or is it your avoiding the nutty one on here.

Was not you obviously but feel like the BLT gossip now I'm laughing at meself. Have a good time look after yourself got all motherly then as I worry about everyone on this site.


Just got your message in the depths of Goa. Hang on in there Faithfull - and if you're nutty then so am I, that's for sure!

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Bless your hear thanks .

In the depths of goa I bet your really depressed! Lol .You hang on to where you are who your with and have a amazing time I really mean that and thankyou .

Oh yes when your back I be no I gossip keep you informed well story so far i said to someone I thought you was going goa and said don't worry I'm not stalking as joke but they was ok I thought I tell u that as I'm officially BLT gossip novelist 'all the best .


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