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Fibrosis Scan F4

Hi, My father just had a fibrosis scan and scan showed that he is suffering from cirrhosis and score was F4. We are so worried, he never had hepatitis, he never drinks. The only reason he went to doctor was that he was not feeling hungry and his appetite was lost.

He had blood tests, but nothing major was revealed. Then he had lever ultrasound, ultrasound report suggested slight fatty level. And then doctor did fibrosis scan which reveled cirrhosis at stage F4.

We cant seem to digest this scan report since all blood results are fine and, other then appetite, he is very healthy.

Are there any chances that scan result is not accurate? I could not find statistics on accuracy of scan. We were thinking to have scan again. will that help?

worried to death here. If it helps, tests were done in Asian country.

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Read my posts I have had same but mental I don't no what's what


The only way to really know if it is correct is a biopsy. The results from fibroscan can sometimes give false positives particularly if the reading is close to the cut off point for cirrhosis. Also it can vary a little depending on what is causing the cirrhosis. It may change if he waits a few months and has it done again. If he has fat in his liver it will effect the result. If he is over weight he needs to go on a diet.


No Hepatitis and no drinking history. Although, he has diabetes for last 17--18 years. Other than loss of hunger, no other major symptoms. He is also not over-weight....barely 67 Kg at 5' 7"

As doctor suggested, he is taking extra care in diet and going for regular walk now.

Will definitely do another scan in couple of months. Thanks a lot for reply. (Is there any other blood test that we can do? He is not in western country which means he has to take initiatives by himself when it comes to medicine. Health care is not exactly what we are used to here.)


With a history of diabetes and an indication of fatty liver it would look like he perhaps has non-alcohol related fatty liver disease whether or not this has actually reached the stage of cirrhosis is up to doctors to decide. The British Liver Trust has a page all about NAFLD which might shed some light on the situation and give pointers on what he might do from now on to look after his liver.



I had same results last December and the nurse gave me impression I had stage 4 cirrhosis, I thought death sentence! Its not, the doc told me in July that I was 5 out of 15 on actual cirrhosis scale. Which comes after the fibroscan scan. He also said I would live normal life if I stop booze and eat healthier


Thanks all for replying. My father did consult another doctor, and new doctor recommended ShearWave TM Elastography scan. This scan revealed Metavir score of F2, (suggesting early liver fibrosis)

We are relieved to some extent, but also confused now on which scan is more accurate. Once doctor is favoring fibro scan and other is favoring ShearWave scan. Nonetheless, in mean time, he has started regular exercise and has completely cut down oil and fatty foods.

We are looking for another consultant now to look at all reports and have a say about it.

I will update here on any new outcomes.


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