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BLT please read my 3posts in one

Please can you explain a bit if I can't get you on the phone I cannot still understand why the dr ain't telling me what's going on and how bad I'm getting iller .

The a/e sent me to another hospital casualty understaffed ect.

Then given morphine and never even felt my stomach and said ultrasound in a week well I got ct on Monday that's probably why no ultrasound written on a/e report and if they leave me so long as they did my hip I been told it was left to long when walking I was bracing of pelvis and then bed ridden a yr and still can't go out .

All I'm concerned with is I have (children )adults .

Only that I need to put my house in order .

I'm frightened of not knowing properly it's driving me insane am I being over dramatic I'm sorry but not having an answer is worse as I'm pariniod anyway

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Hi Faithfull,

We are sorry to read that you are feeling so worried again.

This forum is not monitored all the time and the helpline is only managed from 10am to 3pm by one person Monday to Friday.

You are welcome to try to call the helpline today on 0800 652 7330

It does seem that your worries and concerns should really be answered by your own GP who is best placed to help as they have access to your medical notes and know you. Can you maybe think about trying to contact them today?

Take care,

Very best wishes,

BLT admin


I have asked point blank GP my liver dr ect constantly, also I been asking if I could no everything I need to do eating what is best for me.

It's making me mental health worse as when I got sent to private hospital for hip replacement the hospital refused to do it as the hospital I'm under never told them I still was on waiting list just to see liver dr,and I would need complete care package and a icu unit and my bloods they would not do it and the surgeon said they left me to long he was disgusted that back has DDD and that' as hence I still cannot walk far thanks anyway

I think that no one is saying because they think I'm a nervous wreck and can't cope this is not the case I'm not coping with not knowing what I should be doing I'm sorry I'm not having a go if I come across like that and i no its me own fault if only we all say well I'm paying the price I'm tired of begging for help.

There really ain't none I don't no what's what ,assessments after assessment watch and wait tests on me head PTSD I can't get no help with I'm sorry I don't think anyone wants to here all this crap of my life . I wanna make people laugh let them no that there is others even if there ain't an answer .

Thanks for reply


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