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Liver Biopsy results - good I think?

Had a phone call from consultant today (had liver biopsy 3 weeks ago after fibroscan reading of 20). I do not have Cirrhosis. I have a heart problem and he thinks that the results and symptoms are due to the blood supply not getting around the Liver in the way it should because of the complex problems the heart is causing.

He said the biopsy showed congestion in the liver, sever inflammation, fibrosis, and some problems in the sinusoids. Very little fatty liver. There is no evidence of toxicity from the heart drug Amiodorone that I was taking, (which I had thought was the main cause of the liver problem).

In many ways I'm more confused than ever. I have an appointment with my Cardiologist in 3 weeks and I do not want to start the Amiodorone again, so we will have to find another way to treat the heart which hopefully will ease some of the symptoms and liver pain.

Consultant also said they were continuing with tests on the biopsy to get some further information about the congestion and Sinusoids.

I ended the call by saying to him. 'This is good news isn't it? His reply was yes, but not the best news.

I will wait for a copy of the letter he is sending to Cardio's - I find I can take it all in a bit better when it's written down.

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Will keep my fingers crossed for you. I can understand the confusion you must be feeling. Is it worth having a word with your gp to let them know both your confusion and concerns. They might not be able to advise much but I get on with my GP's and I do find talking to them helps. I can understand your concerns my fibroscan gave cirrhosis type readings but although fatty my liver is smooth. I altered my diet to help my liver and my kidney readings went a bit off. I have an injury in my spinal cord and I am becoming more convinced that this is linked to some of my problems. I know my liver is messed up but I am talking my injury more seriously. It might be worth checking about the safety of taking or not taking prescribed medication with your medical support. I did with my gp and spinal consultant and I had to look at quality of life issues.

Thinking of you and hoping it is a fairly easy to solve issue for you.



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