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Liver biopsy accuracy

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I have had pain over liver for 4 years since a course of antibiotics for strep throat. I get really fatigued and feel like liver swells when allergens are very high on air. Texas has year round allergies. The only test I have had which failed was a hida scan at 29 percent ejection fraction. Even had a liver biopsy recently and told liver is fine. So going ahead with gall bladder removal surgery now in less than a month. I ended up in ER after the biopsy with what am sure was a full on gall bladder attack, sweating and almost passed out with pain right after i ate lunch 5 hours later. Question is are liver biopsies very accurate or not. I have all tgese other weird symptoms, terries nails, skin doesnt heal and looks like a 80 year olds hands when am only 42. Hoping tge gall bladder is indeed the problem but only way to find out is to have them take it out.

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Hi glander2405

I've had 2 liver biopsies within 2 years of each other. The first one staged me 0 and the second one staged me 3.

My Consultant explained to me that the liver is quite a large organ and can degrade in patches. So when they take a biopsy, it is only selecting a very small piece of the liver. The sample they take can tell a lot but if the sample they take is in the uninfected part of your liver then it is not giving a true and accurate reading.

Hope this is of some help. Take care and hope you get some answers to whats going on soon.


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