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Hi All,

I am male aged 52, run a non-profit helping students in my early retirement :) so I got plenty to live for. 6 years or so ago I had a bleed (portal hypertension). I have Esophageal varices and a Ferritin level of 1730! Usual signs of liver damage alt/ast 2:1, GGT 300+, ALP etc...

Anyways, yes, I used to drink too much, but seriously I know others who drank more. I am dignosed HH (Hereditary hemochromatosis), just the 1 gene CY282. My mother also had PSC.

Anyone want to comment or ask questions? I am seeing my specialist tomorrow and have the feeling he will pin it on booze! Is my Ferritin at 1730 only possible due to HH? Whats the chance of PSC being hereditary?

Last, my Blood o2 - sa02 is 90 at resting and drops to 75 when I move more than 100 meters! back to 90 when I rest again (in say 2 mins). I was tested for lung capacity and my VO2 was double normal, so I can get more o2 in, but residual readings were poor i.e. litre in, 1/2 litre out. Could this be liver related too? HPS Syndrome?

Really would appreciate any feedback, it may sound like I know plenty, but I trained as an Actuary and know my statistics - basically nothing much is logical and I am pretty damb scared!

Thanks again John.

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How did you get on at the Doctors?

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