Good Morning all. I hope you are all as well as can be.

I had a call from my consultant yesterday regarding my Fibroscan. It has been confirmed that I DO NOT have liver disease, but a little bit of fat on my liver. They have released me from their care and back to the GP. Furious at the GP for telling me I had Cirrhosis and I will certainly be following up on that. Why would they put me through that without being sure?

You have all been so amazing and supportive these last couple of months and from the bottom of my heart I want to thank all of you.

I wish you all the very best and you will all be in my prayers and thoughts. Love to all. Connie xxxx

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  • That's disgusting to put you through all that worry . How are you feeling now? Xxxx

  • Relieved, angry, happy and curious to know what it actually is causing the pain. Seeing GP again on Monday. Hope you are well Lynne xx

  • I hope you get sorted soon

    I feel rubbish at the mo, thank you for asking. Got to have hida scan on the 30th to see if it's lesions from when I had my gall bladder out 32 years ago or sphincter of Oddi!! Just be glad to get sorted!! Went a and e last night, I was in so much pain. They've upped my morphine until I see pain management/or get a result. I don't mind if I need surgery so long as I get sorted out!! Xxxx

  • I really hope you get sorted soon Lynne. I'm sorry to hear you are going through this. In my thoughts. Lots of love xxx

  • You poor thing Lynne I hope they hurry up and sort this out for you

    Love Michelle xxxx

  • Hiya Chaibooboo that's really good to hear I hope they get to the bottom of the pain then. Don't forget to ensure that doc hasn't put Cirrhosis on your notes as it could effect lots of things, especially insurances but also if you needed meds for something else... Take good care,

    Michelle xx

  • Just to let you know, the liver doesn't have any pain receptors in it's self. But it is covered with a thin membrane that can cause some pain and discomfort. This is the main reason why so many people can have severe liver damage and not know it. I'm not medically qualified, but I have learnt a lot about the liver since my transplant.

  • The liver sits inside the Gilsson's capsule. I have been told fatty liver can stretch your liver, put pressure on the Glisson's capsule and cause pain... Not saying this is what is causing your pain but it's a possibility...

  • Phew, glad that came out ok on the cirrhosis front. You're GP deffo jumped the gun there quite wrongly. Remember that fatty liver isn't a harmless situation and you will need to look after your liver going forward to give that a chance to reverse and definitely to prevent it worsening.

    I hope they find out what is causing your pain but glad for you that it isn't cirrhosis.

    All the very best,

    Katie x

  • Thanks Kate. Yes will definitely be looking after everything after this experience. Hope you are ok? x

  • When I was first diagnosed with my illnesses, I was told I had liver cancer, when in actual fact I had cirrhosis with benign tumours. I know she shouldn't have got it wrong, but I'd rather that way around wrong than the other way! My Dad wanted to create Mary hell at the hospital but like I told him, better to be told I can have some kind of life rather than a very very short one.

    I wish you all the best for the future and hope your liver doesn't give you any further grief! xx

  • Sadly we live in a world where non of us are perfect, and that includes G.P's. The correct procedure your G.P. should have followed, would have been to run a Liver Function Test, then based upon the results, further test should have then be run. It is so wrong to say "cirrhosis with out first running test to support his/her diagnosis. It would be interesting to know what he based his diagnosis on? Changed doctors, I had to change mine earlier this year.

  • Connie

    I know you have had a lot of worry about your liver but it sounds like it is great news.

    The advantage you have now, is knowing that fatty liver can become dangerous and you have picked up a lot of knowledge about how to deal with it. So you have a chance to not end up like me with probable cirrhosis. The only reason I say probable is the fibroscan readings say yes ultrasound said no twice. I have a spinal cord injury and it is possible that is making my liver, as with some other organs below the injury, sluggish, which could distort readings for the fibroscan. I'm no expert I've got to wait and see. If I could be right about this. I really hope so. I don't know but I'm assuming the worse that the cirrhosis diagnosis is correct until next year when I see the liver consultant. I'm doing the best I can to slow the negative process down, because whether or not I have cirrhosis is irrelevant in a way my liver is clearly struggling and needs a lot of TCL from me.

    It sounds like you have that chance so give your liver some TCL everyday.

    I hope that whatever raised the concern in the first place is sorted.

    Wishing you health and happiness and longevity. And thank you for your support to others.


  • Im in exactly same situation i have had pain in my liver region for a few yrs now, ive had numerous ultrasounds and have had different results on each one, first stating coarse texture, the next fatty liver and the last ok, paid £350 for fibroscan which came back ok smooth texture no fibosis hust a little fat, begore the scan my gp stated cirross??? I absolutely was terrified then had the fiboscan to be told nothing of the sort, im over the moon but still qake up with the same discomfort under the right rib area but still dont no why

  • Hi, can you reproduce the pain by touching in the area where you having this pain ?

  • My pain is under the bottom rib, feels tender to touch radiates to side and up to my shoulder blade,

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