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Raised ALT and AST

Hi Everyone.

I have been told I have raised ALT and AST Levels.

I am 27 female, last year I was overweight but have managed to lose 4 stone after finding I had an under-active thyroid and endometriosis. I have always followed a healthier diet and tried to stay away from high in fat foods.

Around 8 weeks ago I started getting sudden pain in my upper right abdo. I found my self feeling exhausted for no reason aching joints and needing to vomit a lot.All these symptoms were new and I put down to a bug. The pain got worse so I went to see my go 1 week ago. I was sent for a full blood count. I had an appointment to see the GP again today for the results I was told my Inflamation markers were very high and So was my ALT (this was 154). I was sent again for a liver function blood test at 10am this morning, Which I then rec a call from the GP to go back in and get my results (at this point I was a little stressed as I had my bloods done 10am and was called back at 3pm) When I got to the GP they have advise me that the lab had called them back and my ALT has risen again to 276. I was told again that my AST was very high aswell (sorry can't remember) I was told because I feel ok I am ok to go home and rest and if I feel unwell or turn yellow to present my self to the GP.

I have been told about the causes but I don't drink a lot I have one to two glasses of wine a week. And i never completed any exercise before the test.

I am just very confused about it all and looking for so advice and support. I am feeling a little anxious.

Thank you

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Welcome to the forum.

Are your GP's going to re test your liver function tests and send you for an ultrasound scan? It may also be worth asking if they are going to refer you to a liver specialist for more investigation.

You may find our publication 'Liver disease tests explained' useful to read as it details liver function tests, scans etc and some other tests that you may want to consider requesting from your GP;


Wishing you well,



Hi. I would definitely ask your doctor what they are going to do next because that is high ALT. When I was first diagnosed with non alcoholic fatty liver disease my ALT was 178. I was put on a feno fibrate tablet called supralip and sent for an ultrasound with a liver consultant. He took measurements and said my liver was enlarged but there was no other issues and unless my results went over 200 he was happy I remained on medication and was scanned every 3-5 years depending on my levels. This was 10 years ago. I’ve since had to take a statin too but my results are now around 80 (still double what they should be which is between 5-40) but I get monitored regularly. My gamma gt and triglycerides (fats in blood) are also high. I don’t drink and I try to stick to a low fat diet which also helps. So I would definitely ask your doctor what they are going to do because you’ve lost weight, very well done, and your levels are still high. Try not drinking and see if that makes a different. Good luck x


Thank you for your reply.

I have been having my bloods done every week they have came down a little the last results they had come down to 276. I have also had my ultra sound scan today and have a an appoiment tomorrow for my results. however during the scan the doctor called his senior. So just waiting for the results tomorrow. Hopefully will get some answers.


Fingers crossed for you. Let us know what they say.


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