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Lost in never ending unexplained diagnosis

2yrs no alcohol after 10yrs + litre of brandy or vodka a day diagnosed hepatic stenosis,and lesion on liver now after years of g Astros reflux just got that diagnosed now I have hepatic stenosis and early cirrhosis every three months maybe less bouts of bloating stomach plus hands feet swell but I got co-morbidity in one dr report I am so worried that the stress in my life ,not normal every day but last two years overwhelmed with grief and a year ago total hip replacement after being house bound ,bed mostly ,still no support no mental health or social worker no one explain to me as me adhd getting worste why is liver worste how long have I got what should I do not to make progression worste or is it gone to far I am waiting on yr in yr out tests for many watch and wait for other things please can someone explain in kids terms as I'm finding every day a struggle.

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Hello Faithfull, sorry you find yourself in such an overwhelming situation.

As far as I can make out from your post you originally had a diagnosis of hepatic stenosis which in simple terms is fatty liver disease. You had a previous heavy drinking habit but have been sober now for 2 years which is brilliant. However, despite your sobriety your fatty liver has now progressed somewhat to become early cirrhosis and you now want some advice on where you go from here. The good news is that early cirrhosis is now considered somewhat reversible.

I know you have mobility issues but if you can do any exercise at all it will be beneficial. You need to remain sober, cut out salt, sugar and processed foods from your diet in order to look after your health. Sadly despite becoming sober your liver disease can still progress.

You should be under a liver specialist or at least a gastroenterologist and you should be monitored closely for signs of any further symptoms which having cirrhosis can bring about. The fluid build up and swelling you've been having could be signs of that. You need to have an ultrasound scan every 6 months minimum and regular blood tests.

Looking after your liver going forward should help give your liver the best chance. You obviously have other health issues going on too and none of us here are medical experts and can't give guidance on diagnosis or prognosis and even a doctor can't tell you how long your liver can last.

It sounds like you need help to pull together all your support networks - you perhaps need to ask your GP to chase up some of these appointments and your social work referral etc.

I hope that makes a little sense now.

Katie x

The British Liver Trust has a page on Living with Liver Disease at :-

and also one on cirrhosis at :-

It is good to educate yourself on signs and symptoms and learn how to look after yourself to prevent your liver getting worse and give it a chance to reverse some of the damage.


You gave me hope against hope .Thank you sorry me original diagnosis Lesion on liver mild hepatic stenosis and mild heptamogaly, spelt I last word wrong, then had camera they thought I had cancer but I had small ulcers and a overlaying flap in the duodenum Given antibiotics tablets and another one for month then 2 month later taken in hospital constant sickness headache and sick blood up gave gastro tablets indefinite . 6weeks later back in Bloated stomach dull ache constipated on and off c53yrs oldAdhd PTSD calcium deposit in pec major spinal stenosis sorry I'm in dis pare of it all I also have menningona in head osteoarthritis I'm begging for help to no avail but thank you so sorry but I'm in such a state


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