Holiday blues

Hi everyòne, just got back from Corfu for a week and got home early hours Friday. Suffer with cirhossis and had lots of tests before I went. Was told to keep hydrated so drank loads of water. Whilst away, my body swelled, tummy huge and rock hard, facial swelling. Better now home, tummy soft. I'm going to Tenerife on 28th and am concerned. Is it the heat that made me swell. Any advice appreciated. Best wishes, Julie x

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  • Was it bottled water you were drinking to hydrate Julie? A lot of bottled water contains high levels of sodium.

    We actually had a poster on here some years ago who's hubby passed away in a foreign hospital after he developed a massive ascites & infection whilst on holiday. The culprit being the bottled water he'd been drinking to avoid the local supply.

    Worth making sure the water you are drinking abroad doesn't contain loads off added sodium/salt.


  • Hi, yes I was drinking litres of bottled water and there was no kettle in the room to boil the tap water.. my hepatologist told me to drink plenty of water to avoid as cities and it had the opposite effect. Can't drink the tap water in tenerife either. This second holiday wasn't a choice, my sister has Huntingdons disease and waantedva holiday while she was still mobile, so sad really. I will check the salt in bottled water. Thanks to you all for your advice, Julie xxx

  • I guess the trouble is we use bottled water on holiday. I'm currently away with partner who has cirrhosis. I'm sure you are concerned naturally. I didn't know bottled water had so much sodium. Can you drink the water in Tenerife? How about drinking normal cold drinks? Can you drink the tap water in Tenerife? How about boiling it then cooling and put in fridge?? We are in Spain. I was worried bout him and flying but a short flight. Maybe have a chat to your doctor?? I know that when we went to Mexico my partners feet got massive and his legs . But that was a very long flight. Sorry can't be of more help. Xx

  • Lanjaron table water (leading mineral water in Spain) has 5.5 mg of sodium/l. That is what it says on the bottle.


  • Hi,Corfu was a short flight, 3 hours 20 mins, and my fèet swelled. I wore flight socks but never again. Tenerife I think is about 5 hours. Hepatologistvsaid something about cabin pressure and varicies which I have. Cola is so full of gas as is sprite. I wil just have to go through the same again and hope I recover quickly xxx

  • It is interesting the comments on bottled water containing a lot of sodium. This may be true for abroad, but it does not seem to be the case in the UK. I looked at WMAF because I am in the West Mids.

    Now, I know it is four years old, but I checked the bottled water I drink, it is the first one in green - Tesco Ashbeck and I checked against the bottle in the fridge and it is spot on at 9mg/l.

    Now, on that list there is a lot of tap water listed and a fair bit with CV codes (remember it is only W.Mids) and second from bottom/worst is CV37 0NR at 92mg/l* and that is only a few miles from me. So I went on Severn Trent water website and put in my postcode and it is 49.99mg/l.

    So, the bottled water I drink is 9mg/l and my tap water is 50mg/l.

  • I did find i was craving salt out there, the feta cheese made me thirsty as it was mega salty, so drunk litre of bottled water which was in fact making me worse. I will think carefully in tenerife, the food might not be as salty xxx

  • You might also want to check the advice you've been given about drinking lots of water. When I had ascities I was limited to a litre of fluid a day.

  • Hi, yes, that thought did cross my mind as nooone had told me a min or max. I was drinking gallons, thanks for that, julie x

  • Hello.. I have pbc... I have the same issue when I go away. I swell up. I put it down to the heat and cabin pressure. It does go down the minute I get home

  • Hi, exactlybthevsame and you feel so uncomfortable when your on holiday, now home, I'm much better till the next trip.

    Best wishes, julie x

  • I give up dieting before a holiday now lol as I look twice the size when away to the point I have to buy bigger clothes to feel. Comfortable in them. I do swell up at home too. My whole body does. I can go to a size 10 to a 14 in space of hours. Hope you can sort your issue out. Are you on meds? I stop taking mine as I felt it was making me more ill 🤒

  • Hi..I'm always on a diet as I suffer the same as you with fluctuation. Am on tons of meds. 2 lots of diuretics which I thought would keep myou tummy flat but at home look 6 months pregnant and on hols 9 months or overdue. Trouble is as a liver patient you are ordered to eat to keep the liver going and I sometimes make the wrong food choices. It was salad on holiday but I just grew and grew. Fighting a losing battle I think love Julie xxx.

  • This is interesting. I went to Menorca for 2 consecutive years the 2 years before I had transplant. The first year my hands and feet swelled up, the second year was really the start of my liver failing. Not sure what the triggers were, but the sodium in the water makes sense but I also found that the food there was also very salty and of course when you're away you eat out a lot.

  • Hi again, ate at hotel mostly as all inclusive and I'm vegetarian so feta cheese with tomatoes and olives mainly. Everything tasted salty even the salads. Aďd that to lots of mineral water and 34 degrees heat so not a good combination. Looking at my photos I puffed up and looked very overweight and my liver started to hurt. One week is enough as on the last day I thought I would need a drain. Hope Tenerife on 28th will be a better experience as there is a kettle in the room to boil tap water and food may be less salty. Thanks for your thoughts,julie xxx

  • Hi,

    Have you discussed these symptoms with your liver specialist? We would suggest you try to see your specialist before your next holiday to make sure you are medically safe to travel/fly.

    Best wishes,

    BLT admin

  • I can't let my sister down as she is terminally ill and this is her last holiday. She is 40 with Huntingdons disease so will talk to hepatologist on my return. Thankyou for your advice

  • Hi

    I hope you are better on this holiday, I really understand you wanting to go, I would be the same. Please take care. Lots of love Lynne xxxx

  • Hi Lynne, thank you so much. Hope you are as well as you can be xxx julie

  • Thank you. Take care xxxx

  • Hi Julie,

    just caught up on this. I drink coconut water as it rehydates with all the mineral balance without the volume, maybe worth looking at? I only drink the 100% stuff. Best wishes,


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