Disappointed !

Hi everyone.

Long story short..Age late 60s, Beer drinker all my life (worse during the football season!) mainly weekends. Blood test March 17. High cholesterol, GPT/ALT and GOT/AST in range, but GGT high at 106.

Over four months without alcohol, lost the beer belly -cholesterol dropped substantially. GPT/ALT and GOT/AST reduced BUT GGT gone UP to107.

Sooooo hacked off. GP only says to stay off alcohol for another six months.

When could/should I see some improvement in my GGT? Should I get another test/opinion?

Help and encouragement would be appreciated.

Many thanks


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  • Everybody is different. Iy took me two years to get down my GGT to the upper limit of normal. GGT with age rises some. GGT also rises with different not liver-related conditions. Often enough it is a combination of alcohol plus other conditions. Rises with obesity as well. GGT according to newer research is an indicator for elevated morbidity/mortality. It is a good idea to keep staying off alcohol for another six months.

    Did you drink nothing at all, the last six months? UK made alcohol-free beer has 0.5%, I believe. My GGT only normalized after switching to 0.0% beer.

    Good luck,


  • Thanks. Four and half months of 0.0 beer. Even stopped cooking with wine ! Lost 15kg through diet modification and exercise.

  • Try not to drink I loved the stuff was in the pub every night i tryd alcohol free but soon ended up back on normal beer finally quit 6 yrs ago very hard but worth it best of luck

  • No problem with the alcohol free - except the taste! Just to see no improvement in over four months is a downer. Plus the expectation that I should wait another six months in the hope(?) of better results. Also with no talk from the GP about other possible investigations /referrals is discouraging. The only solution offered is - no alcohol and time.

  • Maybe try a private GP for a different opinion?

  • Been thinking of that. Anybody else had a positive from that approach? My slight concern is they end up using you as money maker with extensive tests that change nothing.

  • " The only solution offered is - no alcohol and time."

    Absolutely reasonable advice. If possible, walk some miles or four daily. Reduce your sugar intake. Do you smoke?


  • Haven't smoked for 30 odd years. Did the 'treadmill' test the other week and that was when I was told by the cardiologist that previous slightly blocked arteries had cleared and all was well. Started statins but had to come off them due to muscle pain and fatigue.

    Increase in dog walking during that time, but more like dog marching now! Dusted off an old bike and am using that.

    I know I may sound irrational, but what really ps me off is there appears no attempt at monitoring - for good or bad - during the 6mth timescale.

    What I think is reasonable is if there was some mid term check to ensure I am responding/on the right track.

  • I know how you feel. I was so very disappointed with every lab for a long time. If you feel good, stop worrying. You have already seen the benefits of abstinence.

    I loved a drink just as any neighbour's son does. Now I wouldn't touch a drop even if I were paid for. The 0.7% beer now tastes like medicine to me.

    Do not worry too much. You probabl have won years of life span and more years of quality of life. Congratulations.


  • welcome to the club-were you actually getting symptoms or was it a standard blood test? GGT not normally tested. I would say you're doing all the right things-cholesterol coming down all other bloods normal-all good. GGT can take ages to normalize if it ever does? My GGT also rose when I stopped drinking-took 6 months to drop by 20 points and it was way higher than yours. All my GPs were fairly relaxed about it but your GP gave you the right advice. Give it another couple of months and test again-that should be a good indicator. Also although those levels are out of range they're not drastically so-so don't worry unduly. After many years of drinking this will probably be fatty liver and the only way to reverse-and it can be revered is diet,exercise and abstinence sadly. all the best

  • Thanks to all of you. It looks like - wait and see. Ruddy 0.0 ! At least when I was drinking the lack of taste never bothered after a while !! But now - knowing every bottle is going to taste the same......shiver! Cheers!

  • Id rather have a nice lime and soda or tea, I used to give my mum alcohol free wine or shandy if she was having an iffy day and wouldn't drink enough fluids.. even in hospital last year out of desperation I took lemonade and Beck's blue in just to get any fluids inside of her... you're doing the right thing in my humble opinion... 0% is better :) happy Friday :)

  • You must not have a negative attitude towards 0.0% beer. I know we drinkers all do at first. We hear it from our friends, we have said it ourselves a thousand times over the years and decades.

    The right spirit is to like the stuff. I am looking forward now every day to my 0.0% beer. Knowing that it won't cause me harm. Seriously.

    I go to the bar practically every day. I just spend less time there. When the party gets too childish, I go home. I am so happy I do not have to get drunk. It is all about attitude. Never felt so free in all of my life.

    Good luck,


  • Thankfully my cohorts in the pub are very supportive and very soon stopped trying to get me to 'go back on it'. It seems though, that the beers that have any flavour are all the ones that show 'less than 0.5%'. Can get lots of different 0.0s but much of a watery muchness. Taken to bottle poured into a pint glass with some ice.......at least it's a fistfull !!

  • There is a new one Heineken 0.0 which is pretty good. Premium stuff, I'm a cheapo though. Prefer the watery ones.


  • We're blessed here. All the brands do a zero. San Miguel, Ambar, Mahou, Alhambra, Buckler etc.... They've just started pushing the Heineken - but you're right - more expensive ! All supermarkets do their own brands as well. Spoilt for choice. Trouble is they all taste the same !

    Bottoms up !

  • Hi you are doing the right thing. It is rough to begin with. I don't drink alcohol but I love cakes and sweet things. Been on holiday a few days and my strict diet slipped. It took me ages to lose some weight as I can't walk far so exercise is difficult.

    The one good thing about the holiday was that I ate a lot of veg. Like you with alcohol though I've got to learn 0% cakes. I already have cirrhosis so it is imperative I behave. Think of it this way you may have had an earlier warning than me so make good use of it if you can.


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