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Liver disease

Liver Disease - I went to my pcp on Wednesday and he did some blood tests. I got a phone call from his office on Thursday and I was told my Liver Ensymes were up and he wanted me to return in two months for some more blood tests. I am worried because of the blood tests so often. I do have other health issues and didn't have blood tests every two months. I am scared some thing else is up and he is not telling me.

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Hi, different things can affect your readings, maybe something you ate, a cold or flu, stress and worry . The good thing is the next blood test is in two months otherwise you would be seen earlier. Easy to say I know try to stay stress free and wait to see how your next readings go.

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This is standard protocol. The doctor just wants to see if the elevation is transitory or not. Raised transaminases are the most frequent lab anomalcy a general practicioner will encounter in daily praxis. I think about 10% of all blood tests show some elevation in LFT. So what will the doctor do? Have you come back within two months in order to see if labs have normalized. Should this not be the case, he will probably send you for more tests like an ultrasound in order to see what is going on.

As Brummi said, many things can cause elevated LFT's. Mine were once raised to almost 2 times ULN after walking 5 miles to the hospital in the afternoon when I normaly have blood drawn first thing in the morning at the ambulatory next door and the LFT's usually are barely elevated.

If your labs were elevated in a worrysome fashion, I guess you would have been ordered more tests as soon as possible.

Good luck,


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If the repeat bloods are not for 2 months it doesn't sound as though he is too worried or you would have been called back sooner.

As the others have said it could be anything. If you have had antibiotics this is another possible cause or if you had a drink in the 72 hours before the test.

Let us know how it goes .

Rita x

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