Grandfather just pasted from liver cancer caused by Hemocromotosis, should i be screened?

Hi everyone, its been a year, from I lost my father from Hepatic Encephalopathy. Its been a rough year, I don't think i'll ever get over the severity of what I had to see that day. Just to top the that off, I lost my second daddy (grandfather) on the 29th of August there to. He passed away pretty quickly from liver cancer. It was yet another horrifc ordeal to watch, i sat with both my dad and grand dad until their last breaths.

My grandfathers liver cancer was due to having Hemocromotosis. My grandfather was diagnosed in his 50s by then i would say his organs were damaged, as he was accused of being a drinker because of having a fatty liver and my mum was tested also and she carries the gene also. My question is, 'Should me and my siblings be screened for it? and if so do 'do we go to our GPs?

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  • Sorry to hear that you have lost a second close family member to liver disease. Knowing that your mum carries the gene for Haemochromatosis it would be sensible to get screened especially with your Father also having died from liver disease. There is more information on the condition at:- If you get the screening and you are clear then you can get on with life without worry, if you find out you too have the condition then you can receive the proper treatment going forward in order to prevent damage to your liver.

    All the best to you,

    Katie :)

  • Thanks very much for your reply i will ring gp monday x

  • I have liver HTC from hemochromatosis - both my parents carried the gene - if you get it early with phlebotomy to reduce the iron you can reduce the chances ; I was diagnosed at 9800 points - in two years I got it down to under 200 with twice weekly drains - but was too late and tumors appeared - I had cyberknife done in India and sorafenib (all in India as I live in Africa with no health insurance) - also use CB oil and last MRI tumors reduced by 16%

  • Unfortunatly my granda was only diagnosed 5 weeks ago and just rapidly went downhill. We can only get cbd oil over here THC is not allowed. When he was first diagnosed i searched everywere in my country for it but unfortunatly it took him very quickly. I wish you all the best im the future its a horrible disease. x

  • All your siblings should be tested too if they consent , and any children you have too

  • Yes all should be screened really better to be safe than sorry as it is only a simple blood test

  • Hi I agree testing and early answers are better either to take away the worry or help you deal with it sooner rather than later.

    Hugs and good wishes to you. You have gone through so much.

    G x

  • Hi,

    So sorry for your losses, they can be very difficult to deal with on their own let alone adding in worries for your own health.

    Although we are not qualified to give medical advice I, like the others, would recommend that you talk with your doctor about getting screened.

    This would give you the best chance for treatment were you found to be positive and help you to have any children tested early as well.

    I hope you get the answer you want, it must feel oppressive just now when added to the grief.

    Let us kniw how you get on, we are here for you

    Rita x

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