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Advice please

I have read a number of posts and you all seem to really know your readings. Have you had to push for full information or do you just get given it? As I've said before I'm still trying to work things out. Biology was never my strong point and most of the readings don't mean a thing to me. Any pointers on what I need to ask will be very welcome.

Just quick update on my trying to balance lack of mobility and dieting. Checked the scales and they decided they weren't playing ball this week. I may well have to ask for dietary support.

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Hello there,

Following my routine pre and post transplant appointments, my transplant centre send a letter to my GP.

In the letter there is usually a brief description of the appointment and sometime, not always, my blood results.

If there is anything unusual in the results, there will be an explanation of the meaning and if needed what action was taken, for example a change in medication. People who are with the Birmingham Transplant Centre are very fortunate as they can see their medical notes online. If you don't get either, just go to your GP and ask for your results and guidance on what they mean.

I leave it to the GP and the consultant to interpret the results and I don't try to get advice from anyone but from the medical team. That way I know I'm not going to get unnecessarily worried or misled. The British Liver Trust request that results from blood tests, scans and so on, are not discussed on this forum for that very reason. Some may disagree with this, but I thinks its the right way.

I would hope that your GP would be able to arrange some kind of physiotherapy and a dietician as for you its particularly crucial and now even more so, that you control your weight.

Take care,


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ERM don't know what to say. .. I drink too much. Test results last week showed liver disease. Do I want to live or give up. Big part of me wants to give up..but that is due to my family blanking me for other reasons. Lost my job as well. I know ui have a fighter within me ...its got me to my old age.


Hi Shirlgirl66

Life can be a bitch sometimes, but, all I can say is in my past I had some really rough moments. It was hard and took some time, I'm not talking months, but much longer. But, things eventually got to the stage where I started to see some good things in amongst the rubbish, this started after a few weeks, after I sought help. The path wasn't easy, but, 17 years on I am glad I made the effort.

Take small steps, I had to decide what was important in the end to me. I decided to work to get back what I wanted. There is help out there but only you can decide. It is why when

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Sorry caught a button. Me and technology ain't good friends. What I was going to say was knowing my recent diagnosis scared me, I decided this was a time I really needed to have a link with people who knew what I was going through.

Best of luck.


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