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I have just been 4 a ultra scan on my liver. Last tues i had endoscopy done. First person to say i had liver damage & 2 c my dr in 2 wks time 4 results. My dr's keep changing & have difficult in c'ing same gp. I have not touched alcohol 4, 11months after being (still am alcoholic). Need ans ie is there stages,will i die (never drinking again) Life expectancy

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  • Hi Stephen. Welcome to the unfortunate club you may have joined.

    THE most important thing is that you don't drink anymore and if you've managed 11 months after being dependant you've done extremely well. So huge pat on the back there mate.

    You've asked the golden question about life expectancy and I don't believe there is an answer.

    I can tell you that there's members here that have had cirrhosis for 10 years plus. And I hold that fact very closely to me.

    I'm here due to alcoholic cirrhosis too. Keep your chin up and get over the shock. And then just be as healthy as you can manage.

    There's a wealth of knowledgable and very helpful/friendly people on here. So good luck


  • Tks 4 getting back. Stephen

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