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For all followers- please read- RE Posting medical results

Hi all,

We have noticed that there has been an increase in followers posting their medical test results on the forum and asking for interpretation, this is against the forum and HU rules. Please see our pinned community guidelines and also this original post from our Chief Executive, Andrew.

Many Thanks,

Team BLT

Dear all,

Please be aware that the reason why we ask people not to post medical results and specifically blood results on the forum is primarily because it is a safeguarding issue.

Liver function test results have widely variable reference ranges and it is vital that individuals receive the right medical information from the right medical channels. It is always you and your own clinical professionals who have the full picture of your general health and the context of any test results.

It is also a condition of being allowed to run this forum on Health Unlocked that medical advice cannot be sought or given. Please see the link here;


We very much support and promote the sharing of experiences and valuable support that the forum provides, but please be aware of the conditions we all operate under.

Best wishes,


Andrew Langford, Chief Executive, British Liver Trust

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