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Finally answers regarding my pain


I'm pretty sure I posted this thread earlier but I can't find it. This is quite strange!

Anyway I had a stool antigen test done to check for helicobacter pylori which was negative and so then I had a ct scan done which today I found out was clear....however the consultant misread the results for helicobacter pylori and so I actually have that. I'm still a bit sceptical whether it is that and I do hope it is and the eradication therapy works.

However I've realised I can't eat any kind of fruits. I ate a bite of watermelon the other day and it sent me into a painful state for 3 hours along with diarrhoea and vomiting. Honey also does the same thing. It leaves me feeling really weak and shaky. Can helicobacter cause this?

Anyone else ever suffer from helicobacter?


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Dear Jahida,

I am glad to hear that you have finally been given some answers.

I do know of someone who was treated for H pylori and was successfully cleared.

They did take the meds for about 2 weeks.

It does affect what you can and can't eat so you must listen to your body.

Here's sending you lots of positive hugs...

Yours truly,


Jahida in reply to pear-shaped

Thank you for the reply Pear. These antibiotics have made me lose my appetite. Just not feeling great as the prograf is giving me some severe tremors. I feel like I can't hold anything without it falling.

Did the person eventually be able to eat what they wanted? I haven't had coffee for over 6 months. I only had two mugs a day and never more than that but I miss it a lot.

I'm avoiding fruits and raw vegetables. To be honest I've not been great at eating. Today I ate coco pops for breakfast and then just water all day. Managed to have a few bites of crisps. I thought I'd order some grilled food but only managed two bites as I was feeling nauseated!

Thank you

Jahida x

pear-shaped in reply to Jahida

Dear Jahida,

They had to go on a fodmap diet (Google the guides) which helped a lot. There is something about having foods that trigger IBS which is a huge factor here.

They followed the diet and have found that - apart from clear food types - they can eat reasonably well.

Yours truly,


Try to have soups... This seems to keep it all at bay...


Thank you. Most of the fodmap food actually give me severe abdominal pain along with diarrhoea and vomiting. I can't even eat fruits without going into a fit of pain and vomiting and diarrhoea. It's crazy. I missed all the exotic fruits this year like Alphonso mango, watermelon, pineapple etc. Apples also kill so I've stayed away from fruits. I'm eating rice and sometimes I make like a salad out of tinned tuna and manage a small plate of that.

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