Cirrhosis and doctors all unconcerned

So, I was detoxed from alcohol last April. Doctor comes bounding in says 'yeah, definitely cirrhosis, good pressure though'. The report shows 'cirrhotic liver' 'enlarged spleen' no varices, no portal hypertension. That was it, no follow up, I had to ask the GP to do LFTs three months later and they came back normal this time. So, its a very serious condition , yet it seems the doctors are all very casual about it...confused

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  • welcome to my world! I have had cirrhosis 9 years. my LFT have been OK no varices no portal hypertension. same as you. demanding a LFT to be done as I'm not under any doctor but I was told 6 months to live ? I pushed and pushed last November to at last after 17 weeks I have my first appointment with a hepetologist. I have a very good Dr. who I know if there was any real cause for concern he would say so. try and ask to see a liver Dr.

  • Who told you 6 months? Its certainly all a bit vague and laid back for my tastes. It feels like a ' you will be fine...probably'..

  • the gastroenterologist in the hospital where I was for 6 weeks with ascites. no doctor can really put a time scale on things .if you ask a lot of others on this site they will say the same. did they say what the underlying cause was ? mine was alcohol so I don't drink anymore. eat good food and obviously low salt diet. you should speak up and ask them to explain things to you. it is a shock to the system when you are first told as your mind is full of thoughts.. one of our Members on here Kate is very very good with any questions. you can always look up any references on this sight too

  • Oh you had ascites, I see. No, mine is alcohol, hence why I was being detoxed. Its a case of not drinking for me, I just expected a bit more info/input.

  • I would see your doctor if things are unsure for you . liver disease has so many stages. some can go on to live a normal life. others have the gift of a new liver .we're all different yet have the same disease. try not to over think things too much I was doing that untill a lady on here who we have not heard from for a while have me so much inspiration and a positive outlook. she did with everyone ... try not to worry.. you should at Least be under a hospital so you can have regular scans etc..

  • Sounds like you probably have compensated cirrhosis (so the liver is still coping); in which case, good likelihood of long life; just no booze of course; eat healthier; i do find it crazy how you have not been referred to a Hepotologist . I would def ask for a referral so further tests can be done including a fibroscan and an ultrasound. You need the cirrhosis staged for one thing, and regular blood testing.

  • Docs deny they knew my hubby would die when he Self discharged but he died 4 days later. They still maintain he should have recovered, so best advice is to see a liver doc get a full understanding of your health and enjoy everyday of your life x

  • Unthinkable consultants are in another world, so laid back. I have cirhossis with portal hypertension, varicies, lesions and nodules on liver and have had Ascities and my hepatologist is like "oh, ok".

    Your certainly not on your own

    Best wishes, julie

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