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Hello from a Colin Firth Fan in Las Vegas!

Hello from a Colin Firth Fan in Las Vegas!

Hello, I'm another newbie here and very thankful to find this site. Although I have not had the official diagnosis from the dr., as a retired medical professional I know from the symptoms my goose is definitely in the oven... everything except ascites. Lifelong panic/anxiety disorder and meds not happening at present has me widely swinging from positive affirmations to lengthy panic attacks from hell.

"If you will be so kind to help me find my mind, I want to thank you in advance..." (Mose Allison).... * Chicken Poetry Reading- your moment of Zen...

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Welcome! I'm in Colorado. I too have just been diagnosed. Started the Ursidol on Monday. Haven't seen the heptoligist yet but since the biopsy they are thinking PBC/AIH crossover (autoimmune hepatitis) I don't think your goose is cooked yet. It seems like there's a lot of hope. You could easily continue on quite a few more years. This is a really good website. I haven't found one in the U.S that I like as well. Good luck and keep us posted on your health.


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Like the poem (had to read it a couple of times)

Colin Firth films aren't an accurate view of the UK.

Anyway, cirrhosis, it's not good but then I had it for at least 15 years, that's when I was diagnosed (suspect I've always had it). But I survived for years with it. Since had a transplant at 42.

Maybe your anxiety is having a part to play in the "goose is cooked" thing. If you don't have ascites, what are your symptoms?


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