Hi everyone, I'm the newbie here. I have been diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver two years back. Im an alcoholic. Last one year did not use alcohol but recently i was heavily drinking for 7 days and stopped. After this i did a blood check and scanning and the doctor told me the condition of liver is very bad now. Please advice me. how can i plan my diet ?

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  • Hi, there's the obvious, of course, no booze. Then drink lots of water, cut out fats and processed food. There is a write up about diet on this site which would be the best thing to check out and your GP might be able to put you on to a dietician. Good luck. x

  • Hi Pomi,

    Welcome to the forum.

    You may find our publication Diet and liver disease useful to look at;


    There are some special considerations that people with liver disease may need to make in their diet to stay nutritionally well and to help to manage their condition. Some of these are specific to certain liver diseases, others relate to how advanced the liver disease is.

    It would be advisable to obtain specialist dietary advice from your liver specialist in the first instance. In addition, your specialist can refer you to a hospital registered dietitian for a specific plan for you.

    We hope that is helpful,

    Warm wishes,


  • Thanks Rebecca.. I will do that

  • Hi pomi ! How advanced is your liver disease and are you under a hepetologist at all ? I have cirrhosis 9yrs now; only it has stated to progress unfortunately . First off , low salt ; high protein is what is needed in any stage, no Alcohol obviously as the drinking kills off more of the remaining healthy liver cells. As I am f4 end stage now with mild hepatic encephalopathy or should I say I have it but I'm coping, itching , lethargy and insomnia , today I have liver pain 😐and nausea so I can't get to do anything today but sleep . Keep your fat intake to a minimum ; lots of fruit; veg and fish, salads ; but be aware of any dressings as they have very high sugar and fats . As Rebecca said all the info is here on this forum 😊

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