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Email MP's easily, its all written for us. Let's get prescription charges on the agenda for this election! (UK)

I received this today, it is so easy to do, takes seconds whether you vote or not, if enough people send an email, it may get as they say onto the agenda.

Dear Jo

Last month the cost of prescriptions in England rose again to £8.60 per item, increasing the burden on those who are struggling to afford their medications. Prescriptions are free of charge in all other parts of the UK.

At the moment most working-age people with long-term conditions in England have to pay for their medicines, because only a handful of conditions qualify for an exemption. Our research shows that as a result, many of them don't take their medication as prescribed, often with serious consequences for their health.

The list that determines which conditions are exempt will be 50 years old next summer, and has barely changed since 1968. Some long-term conditions weren't even discovered when it was written, while others weren't treatable. It's time to bring the exemptions up-to-date with current medical practice and make the system fair for everyone with a long-term condition.

It only takes a few minutes to email your candidates from our website, and it will really help our campaign in the next Parliament. If you live in an English constituency, please take action today:

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If I'm completely honest I don't mind paying. I mean, it normally has to be delivered when I order it. I guess that covers less than the £10/month I pay by direct debit.

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I've emailed I think it's bad we have to pay for prescriptions we need monthly. I work but money is still tight at 58 yrs old and mortgage and bills to pay. Thank you for starting this off


I just pay the pre-prescription fee if £102 a year. I feel I can afford that. I get at least 5 times that in prescriptions. But it does need to go on the agenda as they are proposing dropping things like eye drops etc. Will have a look & no doubt sign


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