After drain dad still leaking

Hi all can anybody please let me know if this has happened to them and what to do

Dad had a drain done Thursday gone as a day patient,all was ok till Saturday when it has started leaking again,padding doesn't last even a hour it is pouring through,I'm sure this isn't normal he seems ok in himself but obviously we don't know what is going on inside,he won't go to A&E clinic is closed till Monday & nurses just keep telling us to pad it out which is fine with us,just a little concerned with there being blood in the fluid and it just is not slowing down

Any feedback would be much appreciated

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  • Hi, When my partner had drains done the district nurses gave us bags to attach which caught the leakage. However, it wasn't as bad as your Dad's sounds,can't remember seeing blood so if in any doubt I personally would make a trip to A&E.

    Hope this helps & please keep us informed.


  • Thank you Hobo

    Think that is were we will end up at A&E just waiting on nurses to come out,will keep you posted

  • Hi Tink, I have had three drains done. They do place a large gauze on for a few days but I have never had anything like your dad has got, make sure that while you are waiting that the area be kept sterile and covered due to risk of any infection. Hope all goes ok ! 🤞

  • Hi tink I had hundreds of drains and some leaked for days and days after to the point my washing machine was full in a day through the amount of times I had to change clothes it's OK to have a bit of blood but not huge amounts, I hope it settles down soon x

  • My husband had a peritoneal drain which leaked so much and was so difficult to manage as he endlessly sat in puddles despite all our efforts. Also when the nurses came to drain it most of the time there was little or nothing draining while the leakage was more. We used special wound management bags instead of dressings. In the end it was removed and another one inserted on the other side which has worked perfectly. I hope it's just a settling down issue with your father. Hope so!

  • Hi all

    Just want to thank you for your feedback and give a update on dad. Dr sent him to A&E as thought he may have infection,they tried to take 2 samples from tummy to send to lab but nothing came out so tried in the hole were drain had been done that was a success thank god as he was in agony getting it done,after getting the sample which was orange they then glued the drainage hole,they have kept him in to be reviewed today while they await his results from lab,maybe having another drain done although I can't see that happening as his tummy is very soft & they got nothing out of it when they tried the first two times last night. Hopefully we will get him back home today as hospital is one place he really doesn't want to be.

    Want to thank you all again would be lost without info from you all thank you


  • You did the right thing , hope things calm down soon ,

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