I give up

Just some advice please as some are aware I'm new to AIH I've been ill now for two years and really struggling to cope with kids family life so tired and always in pain with my joints and not getting a break from the pain now my husband has dicided to leave his job to help me at home with kids and just every day simple tasks my doctor said he can claim carers for himself and to get in touch with the cab can anyone please shead some light as to what we need to do its all abit crazy now xx

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  • Details about carers allowance can be found at:- gov.uk/carers-allowance/ove... .

    You [the person being cared for would already have to be in receipt of Personal Independence Payment or DLA (as it previously was) ] in order for your husband to qualify, he'd need to be caring for you for 35+ hours a week. Whilst carers allowance doesn't form part of the benefits cap it does have a knock on effect on other benefits such as Employment and Support Allowance where you would loose any severe disablement payment. It's all a bit confusing so your best bet would be to go to Citizen's Advice Bureau or local council Welfare Rights Officer who could advise on what you might be entitled to & how to go about making the appropriate claims.

    All the best to you, Katie

  • Hiya hunni sorry to hear your having a rough time, first thing have you applied for /receive pip? If you get pip your husband can get carer's allowance if you don't then you will have to apply for it. Your local cab office can assist you with all or any benefits ask them to do a benefits check for you, as you can also get help with rent, and payments towards energy bills especially with you being poorly, I haven't found this out until after I had transplant but I can still claim for the grant because I can prove how poorly I was. I know how hard it is and I feel for you, but just do one day at a time hunni x

  • It's just a nightmare at the moment so tired and my joints pain is terrible plus we gave 4 kids I just can't cope my depression is taking a beating at the moment xx I just give up I really do two years I've felt shit now and it's just getting worse and can't do the simple tasks xx

  • Have you spoken to your gp hunni or a social worker at your local hospital, you sound like you need some help they are fantastic if you convey how much you are struggling I had a social worker at my local hospital and also at Leeds and I got help off both of them x

  • Aww bless you .So sorry to hear of what your going through. I have found my health deteriorating over the last few months. I get ESA, help with my rent and a top up of DLA and in the support group. I am applying for PIP as I am struggling at home and falling behind with things and I'm too tired and have insomnia too . Contact the DWP and CAB .hope all works out for you xx

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