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Bell's Palsy post transplant

Hi folks,

Had my TP. nearly 6 months ago. Was just starting to feel I was returning to life but have developed Bell's Palsy over the weekend. Inflammation of facial nerve has led to right side of face dropping, can't close right eye, eat & drink properly....all fun. Apparently being immunosuppressed is a risk factor for this, so just wondered if anyone else has also suffered this? Hopefully temporary & should return to normal in a month or so!!


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Dear Dorset123

whilst not very common, as you say, immunosuppression is a risk factor

is your transplant team aware? if not I would let them know - if the palsy persists it maybe worth having a review of your immunosuppressants but hopefully it will subside in the next few weeks

meanwhile make sure the eye on your affected side does not dry up and use eye drops/mist if necessary

good luck and best wishes


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Thanks Andrew,

Am now on steroids & have liaised with Kings who I am due to see next week anyway. As you say, hopefully it will resolve over the coming weeks.


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