Omg panic stricken

Hi ... I don't know where to begin . My partner has got discharged this evening and has come home with his discharge papers and ct report ... which to me is alarming .. if anyone can shed any light ..good or bad will be greatly received . He has an urgent mri referal as they have found a few things which have caused concern (1) CBD dilated to 1cm (2) dilated pancreatic duct with multiple calcific foci in the periampullary region. (3) focus of calcification adjacent to the distal CBD. (4) tiny trace of free fluid in pelvis . These are just a few of the problems highlighted and it stated the oncology team want an mri urgently. As u can imagine my brains doing overtime ...HELP . 😔 just for the record he has ankle and knee odema and is still jaundiced esp his eyes . Any replies welcome xx deb xx

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  • Think you're going to need a specialist to explain that- good luck

  • Hi Debbie, i am NOT A SPECIALIST but sounds to me, from what i have researched like chronic pancreatitis; if oncology team involved then they are checking for cancer; but it may not be; you will have to await results of urgent MRI ; and ask questions of the specialists involved. Is he still drinking? xx

  • He's not drinking atm but who knows what he will do in the future. .. I will just wait for mri xx

  • Hi Debbie,

    It really would be advisable to get a clear and accurate interpretation of the CT scan and discharge report from your partners own medical team.

    If you cannot get through to them at hospital then the GP would have received copies so could also interpret the information.

    Best wishes,


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