Living Donors

Can I ask what people's opinions are on living donors? Has anyone accepted a transplant from one? Would anyone accept one?

My personal opinion is that I'm not comfortable with it. I couldn't ask a loved one, whether blood relative or good friend put themselves at risk for me. Of course it's a wonderful thing for someone to offer but it just doesn't sit right for me. This is my opinion and just that, I wouldn't criticise or think anything of anyone with a different opinion.

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  • Lots of things to consider here. Quite rare I think as depends on size of donor to recipient. My partners sister wanted to donate but not compatible due to difference in size . Also he needed a complete liver not partial. Think it's more common from adult to child. Please correct me if wrong.

  • My hubby was told he could have a live donor owing to his small size and he could also take a split liver from a deceased donor. BUT like you say although it would be a wonderful gift to give its also a massive risk & I guess if time is running short and you know you could potentially saved your loved ones life it would be a consideration, however, it's a massive operation for a loved one to go through (and at the moment only loved ones & family are considered, altruistic live liver donation is rarer than kidney ones) and although both portions of liver should return to normal decent size and function it is certainly a big risk with a lot of what ifs?

    The donor goes through the same size abdominal scarring and muscle damage as the recipient, looses their gall bladder and has to rest and recuperate for a simliar length of time and there are no guarantees of their safety (after all it's a huge operation and all operations bring their own risks).

    I know that Edinburgh pioneered the posibility of live transplant but surgeons will ALWAYS prefer to go the cadaver route for a liver owing to the potential risks to the donor.

    Hubby and I considered it i.e. me being tested for suitability but he wouldn't hear of it. He needed me to drive for a start, how would we both get to and from appointments for the weeks/months following the surgery? How would we do shopping? lifting? etc. AND also what happens if the donor doesn't make it? (there are no guarantees). We ruled it out very early doors. Edinburgh Transplant Unit has a downloadable leaflet about live transplant which goes into it all, the testing procedure, the mental health side of things, the surgery and more.

    I would do anything to give my hubby a chance at his life back but he wouldn't want to risk my life in the process, so, we ruled it out.


  • Hi , that's a really good question and one I debated with my eldest daughter on more than occasion as she was determined to be assessed as possible donor when it was decided that I was to be listed for transplant, like yourself I was absolutely not comfortable with it and thought that I could never live with the guilt if anything happened to her, as it was we didn't need to go down that road as I received my transplant before we had to explore these options, I also received a split liver, with the smaller lobe going to a baby, I often wonder how she is and although I don't know her and never will I kinda feel she is a part of me and often think of her, how are you identity75 when will you find out if you are to be listed, take care 🌼

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  • nothing wrong with it; its a good thing in my view; giving life to someone who would otherwise die.

  • If it's right for the person I think it's great. I have been offered my fathers (he's too old & has medical issues), I have been offered my boyfriends (he is slightly over weight and is the father to our daughter), I have also been offered from a colleague at work; as much as I appreciate the sentiment and the offer from all of them, I would never take it father wouldn't be considered for starters, my boyfriend; I couldn't bare the idea anything might happen to him, leave my daughter without her chance and my colleague, I think there is something quite personal about giving someone your organ, and as much as we could become friends, it for me is the same as you; it just doesn't sit right!

    However if it were a member of my family that needed part of my liver, there would be no hesitation from me, I would give them what I could....may be I am slightly hypocritical!

  • It's been 10 weeks since transplant and as you will see from my last post, a very difficult journey.

    I was on the transplant list for 4 months but I became so poorly when I was admitted to hospital that the team actually asked family/friends to get their blood group tested as time was running out for me 😔 I was also on upped to the priority list. My brother was a match and the team had meeting with him and the team had their own meeting to decide.

    It turned out that although a match, I was so sick that I needed a whole liver. My brother and I were told it couldn't go ahead.

    I cried with tears of relief at the thought he would not be risking his life to save my life. I also felt relieved that my poor mum and dad would not be watching both their children going into theatre.

    I then felt scared for me as by the time the decision had been made, I was so critical that they didn't even know if I was strong enough for a transplant full stop.

    Thankfully, I was blessed that my call came the very next day and I had my transplant.

    So for me, it's a different look on live doners. I would have done exactly the same for my brother. It has bonded us even closer as he was prepared to go through with the operation knowing the risks to him too.

    I think of my doner angel everyday and their family for being so brave. I'm forever blessed x

  • 10 yrs. Congrats! I have been advised to get on the transplant list. It scares me to go through so much getting ready! Can you give me some advise on what was all involved and how long it took to regain health and what meds do you have to take after transplant? How di you feel? Life is normal now? My family is deceased I have a shit for husband no support for me. Not sure I'm up to so much work. Its now been 8 montha since I was advised to conaider liver transplant I thought they took years to get????? Anything you willing to share will be greatly appreciated!

  • Personally I couldn't accept as others would I definitely would of given to family /friends. We know the risks too much to let people go through it and that's reason we would give ours because we know what an awful disease cirrhosis is.

    I am good friends with someone who has received a live donor it was her best friends son who donated and saved her life. They were actually on TV about 6 months ago as she nominated him for hero of the week. They are so very very close. But to me it seems that it was probably a harder gift to receive a live donor how could you possibly let them know how thankful you are I think it would be a hard burden to live with. Don't get me wrong I hate that I am here because of someone's heartbreaking loss, but circle of life we are all going to go one day, it's just a survival of the fittest race (well that's what it feels like) . I would rather feel something wonderful has come from someone's passing than living with guilt of something going wrong to a live donor.

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