Government consultation regarding Hepatitis C payments

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The UK government has issued a consultation that seeks views on the new special appeals mechanism that offers financial and other support for those with chronic hepatitis C infection. This relates to reforms of the current payment schemes for individuals infected with HIV and/or hepatitis C following treatment with NHS-supplied blood or blood products before September 1991.

To see the consultation documents and respond please visit:

Please note the consultation is for those in the UK only and it will close to comments on 17 April 2017.

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  • I believe this is compensation for contaminated NHS-supplied blood.

  • Dear Millie

    Sorry to hear that you are suffering so much. This consultation relates to those infected with Hepatitis C and/or HIV due to contaminated NHS blood products before 1991.

    We have a section on our website regarding benefits and entitlements that may be of help to you here:

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  • thank you Carol. it's been a total roller coaster ride since last Tuesday. I have had cirrhosis 9 yrs and was never ever looked after properly. it was only on this sight that it opened my eyes so I pushed to see a hepetologist who I saw at the QE in birmingham .I have to go back in 6 weeks for further tests. this neuropathy thing is a new one that I have just been diagnosed with after suffering 8 weeks of tingling And pain in my hands and my left leg.much appreciated Carol as I don't know who to turn to .I'm glad to hear about the hep c .best wishes .Linda

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