Hepatitis C treatment

My broder suffer from Hepatitis C. His doctor prescribed two medicines "ZEffix 100mg" and "PEG_INTRON" he said he should use it for about 5 months if it doesn't work then will be dangrous :-(

Please if someone has experience if these medicines are effective enough or are there any other effective medicines against this dieases . how much is the possibility of recovery ? .we are worry about him--

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  • Hi amir. I have herd of interferon, I wounder if the one they call Peg Intron is one of the same, My son was going to be put on the interferon yrs ago, but at that time I felt that, with the side affects, It would not been good for him.

    I can not understand why these meds would be so dangerous, Is he under a consultant !! If not he should be, and that would be the best person to ask. I can answer you on the effects from interferon but not the other two. I am sure someone else on here can help you, In the mean time I will look them up for you. Talk soon. Ruby.

  • Press on the green Boxes at the bottom of your question,It has both the tablets that you are asking about, I will also keep looking for you. good luck.

  • I was diagnosed with Hep C last year. I was prescribed a 12 months course of Interferon (injected into the stomach) and Ribovirin (tablets) in Jan '13 in order to clear the condition. These drugs made me extremely ill, lethargic, irritable and confused. In May, after 5 months, I decided I had enough and came off the medication, even though at one point the condition was negative in my system. These drugs might work for some people but did not suit me.

    I have heard that new drugs will become available in January '14 and I look forward to receiving details of these in due course.


  • Hi Steve,

    My bro also suffered from Hep. C . His doctor prescribed him Zeffix and Interferon . do yyou know from where will these new drugs be available?


  • This treatment is effective in about 75% of cases.It is less/more effective depending on the type of genotype of the disease he has. It is a miserable treatment and will make him feel very unwell . He will feel more unwell the longer he is on it. However it is vital he sticks to the treatment. If he doesn't get cured then the Hep C will continue to damage his liver. There are new treatments coming out but I do not know if they will be as unpleasant or less unpleasant. The issue is how much will the new treatments improve cure rates. Clearly we all are hoping for a medicine that gives 100% cure rate. The thing to remember is that the whole time you have Hep C it is eating away at your liver so the sooner you can stop it in its tracks the better. Sadly I was one of the 25% the treatment didn't work for and am now terminal. I hope your brother is one of the 75% lucky ones and he gets cured of this terrible disease.

  • Hello I already used peg intern intection ribazole for six months my virus becomes negative after three months but I complete it for six months and after completion of three month my virus becomes active again so according to my opinion used medicine according to doctor advice and doctor must be competent otherwise no benefit.injection dose and capsules r giving to patient according to age weight and duration of treatment .all these things r most important for treatment.other wise treatment should be incomplete and virus becomes active again just like me .all this happen just due to ignorance of money making doctors which r using us just experimental organisms .sobe careful for ur brother treatment. God help u ok. One thing more added don't trust on single doctor take opinion from different doctors then start it.ok.

  • thank u Mamjad for ur advices ,

  • i had interferon injections in 2006 it didnt work and i didnt complete the treatment as i became so ill i have hep c geno type 44 the treatment made me loose loads of weight i went yellow and i felt very ill the treatment did lower my viral load for a while but then it went up to higher than before i started sorry but for me it didnt work however i wouldnt call the treatment dangerous

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