Why oh why has this itch gone so out of control and why is it only my back where I can't reach to slap scratch or rub something on? I think I'm going to loose my mind. Eating a total detox diet in grave danger of turning into a rabbit. No fat no salt no sugar no booze though my cirrhosis is not drink related, for months but the itch gets worse. Anyone got a suggestion. Stuff the liver transplant I want a back transplant.

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  • How totally annoying for you! I'm scratching as I type! I get it regularly. You have to try & ignore it. It drives me mad. I don't get it every day but when I do it's maddening.....

  • i took hydroxyzine when i was on ribivirin to take care of the itch. it is an antihistamine. it made alll the difference in the world. get a prescription from your doctor

  • Try just wearing cotton next to your skin, I've found synthetics aggravate the problem

  • Useless information, but I got a back scratcher from Amazon and would be lost without it xx Julie

    Sorry not more helpful as to cause of your itching

  • I heard that an itchy rash can be one of the side effects of the immune suppressant, Azathioprine, that I am on. Already suffering other side effects: hair loss, easy bleeding/ bruising of arms and foggier vision. I also have a back scratcher. The rash is on my upper legs, arms and front as well, but only my back gets really itchy at times. I just started taking Sovereign Silver. A few years ago I had a bad case of poison ivy after I had gotten in some during a canoe trip one summer. For no reason, the rash would just start reappearing at the same original spots. My younger sister sent me a big bottle of Sovereign Silver and told me to take more than dosage recommended on the bottle. It worked and my poison ivy rash cleared up completely. So I am trying it again. I'm being cautious since I now have an auto-immune disease and have to be careful my antibodies don't attack my liver so I'm not taking too extreme of a dose ( two tablespoons daily; I may increase to three). I just started this a few days ago. Hoping the Sovereign Silver will work as well as it did before. Will let you know...

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