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Feeling helpless

Help. I feel so alone . I'm 48 and was told I had second stage cirrhosis two months ago. I have been a heavy drinker for the past thirteen years, putting away between six and eight cans of Carlsberg a night. For the past three and a half weeks I've been on the wagon.

I feel tired, down, aching all over and have periods of not knowing what I'm doing.

My wife is still drinking a couple of bottles of wine a night. Whilst this doesn't tempt me to join her it creates tension in my head because I can see what I must have been like when drinking.

My overall fears are with the future. I worry how my health will be affected. I'm so scared I can't even bring myself to book a follow up gp appointment.

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having gone though this with my partner all i can say is you must go back to doc's & be referred to a specialist. You don't know the outcome until all the tests have been done.

Good LUck.xx


I also got categorised as stage 2. Similar symptoms like confusion, shakes, aches etc. I quit and have been sober for 6 years now. No major health problems, all blood tests show my body has gone back to normal and liver is in the perfect range.

Your liver is damaged, but not destroyed it can heal itself and begin to function normally again. Go see the GP, discuss your fears with him/her. Trust me when i say that it does seem terrifying now but over time you will see that quitting is possibly one of the best things you ever did. :)


Many many congratulations on stopping drinking. That is the single best thing you can do for your liver health. Please go back and get all the tests done - it is not too late. You could also have a conversation with your wife about her drinking, which is out of control. Please do this for both of you. My husband has stage 4 cirrhosis, cannot give up the demon drink, and I can't bear to watch how he is deteriorating day by day. 48 is relatively young, you could have many happy years together yet..... good luck.


Well done for not drinking!

You are not alone, this forum has amazing people who will give you sound advice and support.

Like others have said you are already the liver has amazing ability to work even when damaged.

You are not dying, but you are unwell so go to the docs and continue to have checks.

Ref your wife, i am so sorry to hear she is drinking so much even after knowing the affect alcohol has had on you, but she has to decide when to stop. I hope that its soon :)

Wishing you the best of luck xoxo


Keep the appointment and keep off the beer (sounds hard well done) liver has amazing regenerating abilities if you give it a chance.


You must see your gp.the second i woke up on 1stdecember 2013 i went straight to hospital and was diagnosed with cronic cirhosis.i was taken to the royal free 4 minths later.they saved my life.i had liver stent put in and i am now better.i will always have a scared liver and a few priblems but i am alive.your wife need to stop drinking around you or get help aswell.i didnt know i had a bad liver untill that day i woke up looking like i was having twins when i am only a size 10..please go know.good luck.



Welcome to the forum. Hopefully you will find it a supportive place to visit. There are many followers on here who have been in your position and have sought help and treatment.

There is a lot of information on the British Liver trust website that can help you, including publications and support services.

You are not alone and you do need help and support.

Your GP can help you. It is important to talk to them and let them know how you are feeling and discuss your symptoms and concerns.

Warm wishes,



That's great that you stopped drinking! Please continue to be sober for yourself and your family. The liver can still regenerate but once it's past that point it is done, only a slow downhill from there. My dad passed in Oct from alcoholic cirrhosis. It makes me so sad that he could not stay sober. It was up and down for years and years. Now that you stopped just keep it up bc I can tell you firsthand it is an awful decline. Go to the specialist to see what they say, they may prescribe you some things. Good luck!


you do know what to do,

you and your mrs go to the GP.

and both of you listen,, getting you sorted should encourage her to stop


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