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Hubby has end stage cirrhosis and continues to drink. I recently researched al.anon for help. They have a book for family members to read. Whilst as a pagan I struggled with some of the god stuff ( no offence intended) to read of others who had other experiences, some much worse than mine, was humbling. I take each day as it comes now, trying to count my blessings and focus on the positive in my life. I managed a sensible conversation with hubby about his drinking, which was not full of tears and desperation as are the usual ones. Have told him I don't agree with his choices, but they are that, his choices. Early days but I feel I have turned a corner; by verbalising this to him, and choosing not to obsessively look for bottles, check up on him etc, I feel somehow calmer, and am trying to distance myself from the behaviour but not the person if that makes sense. Now I have to ensure my life does not revolve around him 100 per cent. Whatever time we have left together I hope I can fill it with some love and laughter and not the dull aching numbing fear I felt before. I know it won't be easy, but am going to try.

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What a very positive way to look and treat it 😀 I hope you do both enjoy every single day, when I was at my worst I always found some little positive to smile about before I went to sleep it gave me the strength to keep going x

fizzix50 in reply to jojokarak

I either had to change my thinking or go under; there is no chance of a transplant, and I love him dearly; I didn't want our time left to be full of arguments and tears; at least I will (hopefully!) have some good memories to look back on when the time comes.

MavisDavis in reply to fizzix50

i like that post :) :)

good for you.....

So glad to read this.

What a fab example youre setting.

Wishing you the best of everything xoxo

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