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Is anyone else on here from Mid-Wales. I was diagnosed with NASH in 2002 before mving to Wales. Since moving here in 2007 I have had sporadic follow-up by a gastro-enterologist in Hereford (who Powys have a contract with) who discharged me some years ago back to the care of my GP , but there are no actual Hepatologists in this area of the country. As I developed ascites last year, my GP referred me back to Hereford who sent me a letter saying my appointment would be over 40 weeks away. I saw a hepatologist privately in Birmingham who referred me on to Birmingham Liver clinic because of my cirrhosis and I'm soon to have my 2nd appointment with them. I have since been diagnosed with HE. I have now been sent an appointment with Hereford 'Hepatology department' (Even though they have no hepatologists just gastroenterologists with an 'interest' in Hep C) . Can I insist on continuing to have my care with Birmingham as I have been told I will evenually need a transplant or can they stop me going there & insist I go to see a lesser qualified man in Hereford. We dont have the normal choices in Wales as we do in England and this is worrying me awfully as I feel I have at last found someone who understands my medical problems.

Sorry for the rambling post but I really need some advice what to do.

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  • you may get appointments at both... i have them with gastro at hospital in my county and also go to Birmingham. although now its getting further along with liver condition i only go yearly to local one and monthly to qe. cazer

  • Thanks for that Cazer. It's been worrying me silly with the thought that They may stop me seeing hepatologist at QE on basis of cost to NHS.

    Are you in Wales too?

  • im Somerset but only have basic consults at Taunton hosp no specialisms.

    my experience is that once you are under qe that will see you unless too well to not need so i will cross fingers for you. xxp. s. ask what's the plan next time you go. xx cazer

  • They shouldn't really stop seeing you at QE as they are more specialised in the liver area. I live in Shropshire but my hepatologist eventually had to contact QE when things were very bad and since then I am under their care. If I wanted to then I could see a hepatologist locally but they nearly failed me the first time round so I do not really trust them and locally, they have no idea what to do with me.

    I doubt QE will remove you from their care especially as you mentioned you'll eventually need a transplant.

    Take care

  • Hi, I have severe cirhossis and live in mid Wales. All my treatment is in Newport, pontypool and Abergavenny. My hepatologist carried out my varicies banding in the royal Gwent hosp in Newport and his clinic is pontypool. I have my scans at nevill hall hospital, Abergavenny.

    You are not on your own

    Best wishes, julie

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