Platelets after Harvoni

Hi everyone just a question maybe some people might be able to help with.

I completed Harvoni treatment about 9mths ago and am very pleased to achieve an blood test are now completely normal but my platelets don't seem to be getting any better..was wondering if anyone else has had Harvoni and how long it took for their platelets to return to nomal..although not that low they are currently at 82 and i was hoping that they would go back to normal fairly quickly.

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  • Mine are still low after a year , and Eosinophils Relative are high , everything else seems to track up and down . So when it's all said and done doctors says "your stable & no viral load detected " see ya next time

  • Thankyou Dltdx at least some others are getting similar results so hopefully they will creep up in time!

  • This is common , they may improve over time , or may not improve. At that level , yes they are low , by not to any degree you should really worry .

  • Thanks Bermuda i wasn't that worried as everything else is absolutely fine. .i was just curious to find out if others were also taking time for their platelets to recover..for some maybe just the last thing to normalise.

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