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I am 67 years old ,I have been drinking for about 50 years ,some times quite heavy have calmed down a lot over the past 12 months ,I had a few drinks over Christmas and New Year , I now have a bad itchy feeling ,I have not had a drink for the past 3 weeks ,I intend to stay off alcohol for ever ,I can do this with no problems will the itching go away if I just stop drinking ,

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its great news that you have stopped drinking. i think that you should go to your doctor as the itch may be nothing to do with drinking. only he will know probably by taking bloods. keep up the good work and please do go and see your doctor and put your mind at rest and get something for this itch. love grace xoxoxo


I agree with grace . As your not as yet showing any other signs I would see your GP ! Well done on the drinking ! One day at a time . Keep going ! Good luck and let us know how you get on .. Best wishes Linda xx


thank you paul


Your welcome


Congratulations on your new lifestyle. I think the itching will come and go. Mine does. Drink pure fresh lemon juice that helps me. I think it just cleans the liver a bit. The best diet will bring you the fastest results or that's how it works for me. But I agree see your doctor, have some blood work done. That might bring you to a better understanding. I also rob my skin with organic coconut oil and organic apple cider vinegar. It soothes. Scratching makes it far worse. Good luck. You are going to with time begin to rid your organs the effects of drink toxins and everything will be better one day at a time. Bless you. Aloha Catfishjumpin


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