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So been in Leeds all day today prodded and poked because of the baby elephant I am carrying on my front which I was mis-informed was constipation, but after a scan today and a dreaded 3 hour wait thinking something was wrong with my portal vein, I have fluid retention again and have to go for a drain probably my 1000th one which I hate. Just wondering if anyone else has had fluid after a transplant?? Liver all good thanks for the big things :-)

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  • Oh no i am so sorry to hear your news. I hope the drain does the trick and the fluid stays away. I did not have any fluid in my belly after so cant help you there. I can only wish you all the best and hope you recover soon so you can carry on with your journey. Thinking of you, stay positive xx ☺

  • Thanks very much I am happy liver good so I can cope with rest, it's just like I said confusing as to why I have ascites again but hopefully get some answers at next appointment :-)

  • sending best wishes and prayers. love grace xoxo i hope things get sorted for you.

  • Thanks grace x

  • Sorry to hear of more complications Jo-Jo. Have they said there is nothing wrong with your portal vein then after the various scans today? As you'll well know the cause of ascites is portal hypertension so I am only guessing here but something in the 'plumbing' of your transplant is causing a back flow and you are seeing similar symptoms as pre-transplant which isn't at all uncommon. I've heard of them having to put stents into the portal vein to sort out similar issues.

    DCKimberly has had problems with ascites post transplant and sadly hers hasn't gone too well at all and they are talking re-transplant already - I seriously hope this isn't the case for yourself and that this is only a blip and they can get it sorted out. I also hope you do not have to go the route of another TIPSS procedure in your new liver - as you'll have read from DCK she's had to have that due to repeated post transplant ascites and ended up with hepatic encephalopathy.

    Got my fingers tight crossed for you Jo-Jo and hope they get this all sorted out soon for you as you've seriously been through the mill enough already.

    Lots of love, Katie xx

  • Thanks Katie but good news is portal vein is fine thank God. Like you said I am hoping it's just a blip, have to wait till next appointment to see what they say. X

  • Fingers crossed all sorts itself out.


  • I had 2 tipps procedures before my transplant they didn't work for me I had terrible HE. Sorry your having the drain 😞. I feel like my stomach is huge too. I know I have the hernia but I'm not sure what is going on with the rest of my stomach. I'm back on 31st this month hopefully ill get some answers but I'm crossing everything for you and hope that you get sorted completely. Thinking about you and sending positive thoughts your way xx

  • Hope it all works out.

    Stay positive


  • Hope it all gets sorted xx

  • Thanks x

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