Hi everyone, belated Happy New Year to all.

As I've previously disclosed, I've been diagnosed with significant fibrosis (9.1 score on fibroscan), probably due to drinking lager, but don't have cirrhosis. I have been told to cut down alcohol or abstain. I'm abstaining without too much hassle at the moment but still feel nauseous at times and experience abdominal pain and discomfort in liver area. Anyone experienced similar and will these symptoms disappear over time if I continue to successfully abstain from drinking lager?

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  • This may continue for some time. Abstention (and I assume not just from lager) is a long project as is recovery from damage. Stick with it: we are here to support you.


  • Hi Mike. Thanks for your reply and support. 👍 Lager was my drink of choice. Never did like spirits etc so don't take them at all.


  • Hi can I ask how old you are ?and how much and often you drank? Im only 32 and have the same problem I quit drinking just before Christmas but went on a mad one about 5 times recently. now I'm having liver pains. I to was a larger drinker. I drank every evening after work in the pub and on Friday Saturday nights, Sundays to I would avarage 6 pints of stella. I quit drinking as I was having pains. i Managed 2 months and thought I was fine. I felt normal after a week without alcohol with lots of energy. But after only drinking about 5 times in 2 weeks I can feel the liver pain again. I have know other symptoms and the doctors say I'm fine.I've had 2 liver function blood tests both came back normal. I've also had a ultra sound and was told everything's fine but I do have a small scare on liver! I can't help but think I must have the same as you did you get an ultra sound ? Were your bloods normal ??!

  • Hi,

    I'm 54. My bloods were always normal and this is important: from what I understand, your basic LFT wont pick up abnormalities until your liver is not able to function properly.

    I was only referred when I went for a routine appointment at reflux clinic. Dr asked if I smoke (I don't) or drink and I told him the truth. Like you I drank a couple of beers or more each night for approx 3 years, with more at weekend. I got ultrasound, lots of bloods taken and a fibroscan which measures the firmness of the liver. My score on that was 9.1. I think 6ish is normal.

    From these tests I was told that I have scarring on my liver but no cirrhosis. I was advised to abstain totally which I'm finding difficult at times. If you're getting pain in the flank after drinking it could be inflammation of your liver so you need to be careful. You're still young so have years ahead of you. Just come off for a couple of months and see how you feel. If you go back on the booze, stay within limits and leave a couple of days for no booze. You should stay on this site cos there's lots of support and experience to help you, as I'm finding out.

    Good luck.


  • Thanks for getting back to me.... your right about taking brakes from alchole if I ever drink again it will be Friday nights only or total abstinence. can I also ask if your ultra sound results were normal ? As They won't give me a fibroscan as they tell me my liver is fine but I doubt as I've drank 100 units a week every week for a decade and I was a daily drunker. I tell them I have a pain the tell me it's gas or a pulled muscle..... I know it's not It feels like I have to be nearly dead before I can get some more tests or have full blown cirrhosis. What's the point in ultra sound if it's useless ?

  • Hi Kevin,

    My ultrasound didn't pick up any sign of cirrhosis but did identify a fatty liver. It appears that they take results from that, the fibroscan and bloods to diagnose condition of the liver. I knew I had an issue at fibroscan cos my score wasn't on the normal plane (although it was pretty near it so I thought). Re your pain, I experience this after drinking now. It can last for a couple of days but I never experienced it prior to my diagnosis and I was drinking a lot more then than I do now. Maybe it's a muscle issue, maybe it's inflammation. For me though it's getting to the point I think it's not worth the beer cos I'm constantly wondering what damage I'm doing and can't even enjoy it!

    I think you're right to cut back even if your liver is fine at the moment. Keep drinking at the levels you did and you might not be lucky.

    Take care.


  • Once you have lost the fat from your liver I bet it drops to under 7

  • I'm seeing the consultant next month Kevin. I will be asking LOTS of questions and will do as I'm advised. Not worth it.

    Cheers mate 👍


  • Hi mate did your bloods come back as normal??? And sorry don't get me wrong I'm not saying you're well enough to drink ! rest that liver for 6 months to a year even better total abstinence. But if I was told I only had 9.1 with A fatty liver I think that's not to bad after a healthy diet and exercise the fat from the liver will be gone. The scars will heal. a 9.1 score Will drop... you definitely don't have Chirrosis but if you carry on you may get it... I Think the fibroscan goes up to 75 I've heard of people with chirrosis get off the scale results. But anything over 12.2 could be chirrosis stay dry And keep us posted thanks take care ....

  • Thanks again for the reply Heisenberg. I've been reading about the liver constantly for over a month on all sorts of sites but in no way an expert. your high fibroscan score could be caused from fatty liver. And not scaring a healthy diet and exercise normally fixes that in a few months... I was reading something about a woman on a site today that has a fibroscan score of 27 x3 yours and she was still getting good LFTs and there is a documentary on you tube we're they give random fibroscan tests the public There was a man that didn't even drink that got 11.3.

    braking Bad 👍

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