Still fairly beaten down

Still fairly beaten down

Hello sweet people. I am sorry to leave you wondering. I thought I was replying to posts but clearly I missed some of yours. I have barely been out of bed. I can barely eat. My son is now here with me. He loves to surf and he is a chef age 40. My daughter arrives on the 3 of Jan. Today I actually could drink 2 oz of coffee, wash 2 loads of clothes and clean out my frig. It's the first day without hideous liver pain in a few weeks. I had a lovely Xmas. I do not know what to say other than these notes here missing me really pulled my spirits up even further. I hope I improve once again and ride my road race bike. I am used to getting back into life. I have lived in liver failure for 5 years. Somehow😜I need to just make it to the warm weather I am used to here. It's cold and damp lately. Aloha

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  • I bet your fridge is nice and fresh now. So happy to know you've had a great Christmas. Wishing you lots of happiness and health. I hope you do get the warm weather soon so you can do your thing!


  • That;s lovely you can spend quality time with your kids....your son can cook you some tasty snacks!

    Have a lovely new year.

  • Sounds good, coffee in the sun.

  • I am a member of this group, diagnosed with AIH in June of this year. I don't often post but I have been so inspired by your strong spirit and drive. I am glad to see you're still fighting the good fight and you are feeling better and able to spend time with your kids. I've read your amazing Blog and am looking forward to hear that you are cycling again! 💕

  • Sweet but I must admit I do not like the name missy not even as a child but happy new year to you. Aloha

  • Thanks for the update Aloha 🌺🌸☀️

  • Beautiful photograph. It is the last day of 2016 here in NZ, wishing all on this forum better days, one day at a time. As the kids do, live in this moment, and cherish those that are meaningful to you. See you next year !!

  • Happy 2017. Aloha

  • Often the simple things give pleasure and satisfaction and a modicum of a sense of achievement when life is harder than we hoped for. A new year beckons hopefully still with good times ahead for you and all of us. I'm sure having your children around will give you joy and happiness....and some really good food always helps give a sense of wellbeing. I wish you only good things and many of them in 2017. As inspiration to us. Adele xx

  • Very sweet thoughts, thank you. Happy 2017. Aloha

  • Aloha Catfish! Im so pleased your son is with you and your daughter is coming soon; i hope your son can cook you some light and tasty meals and that you can manage to get some food down you. Im really pleased you had a lovely christmas despite your pain and suffering; hugs and love xx

  • Happy 2017 Aloha

  • Hellooo from the grey and wintery borders of Wales and England! It is breakfast time here, start my day with a blend of celery,cucumber and liver likes it and it is pleasant to drink...hope you find good foods to recover again..strong lady! Take support from your son and daughter.. It is good they are with you..and elso enjoying the surf! Wishing you well in 2017 xx

  • Thank you. Happy 2017. Aloha

  • Hi mherbie - me too , South Wales , it's quite nice today - but cold !!

  • Good to hear from you and wonderful your children will both be with you shortly.

    Wrap up warm intil the sun arrives again and then get your bike out even if you can't yet ride it.

    Wishing you all a lovely miraculous 2017 xxx

  • Thank you. Happy 2017 Aloha

  • So glad to hear from you, Catfishjumpin! Hang on in there. Great you have your son beside you and your daughter too, soon. Keep looking forward to the warm weather, the sunlight and summer tides and I hope the pain gives you a break now. Thinking of you with hugs xxxxx

  • Happy 2017

  • So glad to hear you're doing okay. Happy & Healthy 2017.xx

  • Happy 2017😜

  • Aloha Catfish. So very very glad you've found some energy to enjoy some of Christmas. Thank you also for letting us all know you are ok....ish. You have no idea how much people care for you, a complete stranger, because of your attitude and warmth. Lots of love and gentle hugs. Sarah. Xxxxx

  • Thats so generous of you. Happy New Year. Aloha

  • Bless you ! Nice to have a sign of life from you. You see how many people have been wondering ? I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR. Keep up those positive thoughts. I do so feel for you. Take care and live you life the best you can ! HUGS xxxx And I shall be lighting candles tonight thinking of all you kind "members" out there. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL !!!!!



  • Happy New Year

  • Thankfully the search party has now been called off !

    Nine fifteen here in a fairly chilly London, don't have a clue what time it is there. however long you have to wait for midnight, have a good night and an amazing new year on your bicycle.


    Jim and Lucy

  • Happy New Year everyone. And well done Catfish, you are an absolute inspiration.

    Good luck for 2017

  • Really good to hear from you. I often think about you and wonder how you are. Willing you on, one day at a time. I live in Spain but have been missing my children and grandchildren so much, we booked last minute cheap flights and are back in the UK for a couple of weeks. Being around them really is like the best tonic. I hope being with your son and daughter feels the same for you. xxx

  • Happy New Year 🎉

  • Dear Catfish, though I haven't been on this site, I thought often of You at Christmas (I spent it with my son and granddaughter i had not have seen for half year) and new year eve (back home with my father and daughter). We have strong winter -- down to -10 celsius :( -- I think it will be warm much sooner at Your place, take your time in bed, don't worry, You'll get up soon. Enjoy your children's presence and take care. Love: G

  • How are you doing today?

  • I was up for hours last night eliminating from and throwing up bile. My nose was bleeding very red blood. The agony was horrible. It went on and on. I can barely move today. My son is here. Daughter arrives tomorrow. Thank you for asking. Aloha

  • You must get some help very soon, to stop the pain. Your daughter and son will be with you and will they also will be scared. Is there an A and E locally to you? Please go there if just for medication.

  • Hello catfish , you always sound so positive , my son is also a chef , I don't see him very often as he lives a few miles away , nothing quite like having g your children around to normalise things , much love to you xx

  • Hi catfish I just wanted to send you good wishes for the new year from here in Liverpool. I wish you love and peace and light . It is lovely to hear from you as always . Xx

  • Happy new year catfish. Hoping that sun comes back soon to hawaii 😎😀

  • Hi

    You are brave! . Do you live in your own mostly? I think you will cycle soon....I do hope so.

  • Until now I have lived on my own since I finished first treatment 2005. Now I keep asking friends to come to the island for me for the holidays. I like living alone but now all of a sudden I cannot. My son moved over from Maui to help me but he will not live with me. Aloha

  • How are you doing lovely?

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