How do I know if I have Cirrhosis?


The is the first time writing here and I am just seeking help. My partner said to me about if I drink over a certain amount of units a week I am more likely to get Cirrhosis. I am displaying constant fatigue and red lines on my stomach. Is this something to be concerned about or am I just self diagnosing myself.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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  • If you are in any way concerned that you may have sustained some liver damage it might be worth a visit to your GP and request a liver scan. On BBC news website earlier today there was discussion on scanning heavy drinkers early in case of liver disease.

    Even those who drink within guideline limits can suffer from liver damage - if you have a disposition for liver ill health & indeed non-drinkers can also have liver disease (as many of us know only too well).

    As I say if you are concerned - go and see your GP, discuss your fears and request a scan and blood tests. It is better to find out early, rather than too late & even if you get the all clear perhaps question your drinking habits don't take it as a goahead to keep hammering your liver.

    All the best, Katie

  • Hi Amelia , I have had Cirrohsis now 8 years . I was always a social drinker from the age of 18 , not continous as I fell pregnant with my three children , but as they grew up I went back to work as manger of a travel agents . We had great holidays etc .. But holidays revolved around booze even at the airport and on the flights . Every weekend we were out drinking , I never drank Spirits at all . To cut a long story short I had no symptoms at all until May 2008 . I was feeling pain in my tummy and it was swelllng up , my ankles were all pitted and full of fluid . I had several tests and scans . I was told 3 weeks later I had alcohol liver disease

    . It never really sank in as to how serous it was so I carried ok drinking , had divorced my ex husband as it had ran its course . Plus he Cheated . By June I was in agony ! I looked 9 months pregnant , was rushed to hospital as I could not breathe due to the fluid build up trust me if I were in your shoes and I knew then what i do now I would have been more careful with my units . 2 per day max ! Honestly .. Alcohol ruins your life in more ways than one .. Go to the dr and tell them what you have told us .. All the best Linda

  • Hi and welcome-your partner is correct. If you drink above the guidelines you are more likely to get cirrhosis but there are a lot of things involved including weight diet to name but 2. Diagnosis of cirrhosis is done using various diagnostics by specialists. How much do you drink? And for how long? You know the guidelines right? It's 14 units per week. Fatigue is a common symptom of liver stress. It may not be cirrhosis but go to the gp and express your concern and get some blood tests done first-full liver panel and take it from there. Seasons greetings

  • Hi ameilia I've drank for 20 years everyday and I'm worried abt my liver . I mean 10 pints a day and everything is coming back normal it could be alcohol withdrawal your going thru when you stop drinking . I've done it all . some days I used to drink 20 plus and I've just split up with my partner and after a few weeks of drinking and not seeing my kids I'm sat here having a can now ffs :( I will sort it after Christmas now but just good to your GP if your really worried . I've let myself down but that's the evils of drink x

  • You cannot self diagnose yourself with cirrhosis. Only a series of medical tests can do that including an ultrasound and blood tests. Many people think that "social" drinking cannot do them any harm; some people will not be affected, whilst others will be more so. The only way of finding out is by going to the doctors. Don't put it off, as this will cause needless worry. Good luck :)

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