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Do I have cirrhosis?


My liver function tests are ok. My results from Hepatologist also ok even though I have chronic Hepatitis B. My diagnosis was only about 4 years ago but looks like I had it at least since 1975 (long story). My ultrasound scan results were ok but 2 years ago they started showing fatty liver (I'm 12stone and 5ft2inches). I'm worried that I might have cirrhosis even though my results were ok cos I've had Hepatitis B for so long. Would cirrhosis show on an ultrasound scan?

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Hello teanchat,

Clearly you are very worried about your health and we would strongly advise you to see a health professional, preferably your own GP, as soon as possible to discuss these concerns you are having.

This is not a medical forum and none of the members are qualified to diagnose or give specific medical advice. To avoid misinterpretation and undue concerns, your symptoms can only properly be understood by a qualified medical practitioner with full knowledge of your unique medical history and circumstances.

Please don’t be discouraged from using the forum as there are members with a great deal of understanding and knowledge of living with liver disease as a patient or carer. They will be able to give you the benefit of that experience with understanding and empathy that can only come from those with first hand involvement.

For information regarding how to understand and live with a diagnosis of Fatty Liver Disease and Hepatitis B you should go to our website. Alternatively we operate a Help-line Monday to Friday 10-3pm (except bank holidays)

I've put the links below.

Hope this is of help to you.


Volunteer moderator.

teanchat in reply to Trust6

Hello Trust6, sorry, I should have realised. Thankyou for replying and the information links.

Nobody here is qualified to answer this. However, ultrasound and blood work being good is a reason to be optimistic. Established cirrhosis would show most likely on an ultrasound. You have to look at the probability which I believe sits around 68-78% for detection. However, you're quite worried. I would ask for a fibroscan if possible as it seems to be the go to test when you're looking for peace of mind to get a good reading of where your liver stands and it is relatively cheap. The fibroscan has a 95 percent detection rate percentage. There are stories of people having cirrhosis and not knowing. However, it isn't the norm, labs will most likely be off and symptoms can be very severe.

teanchat in reply to kurtymac

Hi Kurtymac, thankyou for your reply. About two years ago, I did ask my GP for a fibroscan but was told to ask my Hepatologist at the hospital. So next appointment, I asked but he persuaded me to continue with ultrasound scan. At my next appointment I'll ask again but this time I'll explain how worried I am. Hopefully it will happen.

kurtymac in reply to teanchat

I would ask again, remember it's your body not theirs. It normally helps to bring somebody along with you because there is proof that you asked for the test and didnt receive it. Most physicians dont want denying tests to come back and bite them in the rear. Worse case some physicians have caught on to the importance of a fibroscan. They offer it privately if you pay out of pocket.

teanchat in reply to kurtymac

Yes, I will ask again and as you suggest, I'll take someone with me next time. Previous appointments I've always gone on my own. Thankyou for your good advice.

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